Diablo® III

I miss jewels and runes...

...anyone else concur?

They don't even need Runewords, but having sockets limited to 4 possibilities is kinda lame :\
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they make the game so simply for you to play.
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Xpac anyone?
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yeah, just having gems with only 3 effects a piece is a bit bland. I really miss rune words as well honestly.
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runes runewords and gems. do want. do miss. :(
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I pray that Blizz implements Socked white Items and Runewords in a Addon,
like they did in D2
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Jewels yes, runes NOPE. Runewords were fine when LoD was first released, then it became this extremely silly overpowered problem that created cookie cutter builds. Having to find truly unique weapons (known as rares in this game) is a much better premise then spending $10 to get a runeword from some Chinese eFarm. So glad runes are gone.
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I really liked runes however, I thought runewords ruined the game.
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runes, jewels, runewords, and ethereals made item variability so much greater.
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I just miss the stats the old runes and even gems provided.
like 16% damage reduction from undead
+15 poison damage over 10 seconds when added to a weapon. I don't really like the added to strength intelligence or vitality
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I miss the charms!
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Same. Jewels and Runes were a great addition.

Grey/White items should be socketed too in my opinion
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I just miss having gems that gave lifesteal %. Seriously...it is so hard being a Barb without access to decent lifesteal. 1.5, 2%? Really? Unless I fully devote building an entire set of gear with tiny percents on each piece, it's just not feasible, not to mention I'll probly be gimpy in the HP or STR dept. because of one stat being lifesteal.

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