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It lists my copy of Diablo III as the standard edition as it should as I bought a copy after trying out the starter edition. My problem is that it won't update my game and still tells me to upgrade. Before you tell me to uninstall the game and re download it - I won't. I shouldn't have too! The whole point of the starter edition is to download the full client, try it out and if you like it then buy it. Which I did! Do I just have to wait or something? My order status does say 'Queued' for some reason.
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My friend granted me a trial cdkey, I played Diablo for 2-3days after the launch I just ordered a normal digital copy over battle.net wrote the cd-key and instanlty my game went from starter to standard, If you did it now though there is alot of stuff going on at least in EU servers are down battle.net is going up and down and diablo launcher is giving an odd error "failed to update"
I suggest you to wait and then check again it should work perfectly.
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I didn't even get sent a key. How did you write one down?
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same thing happened to me.my friend suggested applying my authenticator to my new battlenet account and it worked,next time i logged in i could see the AH.
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Chedmania, did u solved your problem? I have the same problem too.
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same here it says it takes 72 hrs to complete the transaction about starter > standard through digital purchase :(
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I have the same problem ... but I bought from retailer, not purchase online, do I need wait for 72 hrs ?

My case is ... my friend give me a guest pass, and I create a battlenet account and download the game from BZ.

A few day ago, I bought the game from retailer. However, my starter edition can't translate to full edition after I input the license key in the battlenet. In battlenet, it shows "activated" but not in game ...
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I brought a copy in a store just now - installed the key over starter edition but for my money I still have the free version

nothing has told me to wait 72 hours or anything

My impression is that something stinks here? Any solutions.

Do I visit the retailer and inform them that Blizzard have defrauded payment or what?
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Did you guys figure the problem? My brother is having the same issue, after he bought D3 from the store.
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If he installed a digital version, he may need to log in to his Battle.net Account Management page and change his password in order to refresh the account data faster.
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Why is it no-one will answer the question asked. WE BOUGHT A RETAIL COPY and it will not let our game update from the starter. we remain in the starter game and keep getting dumped back to the beginning. should not the RETAIL version update instantly?
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