Having a lot of difficulty with rare packs on inferno, I've read up on builds and stats and junk watched videos but seems like im just hitting a brick wall in inferno. Had very little problems through hell mode. This is my build http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#bcXQOm!YfX!bcaZYc feel it lacks skills for survivability but this is what I see nearly everyone running on streams and youtube videos. I recently blew a lot of gold on gear with int and hp regen on it for the force armor trick and now it seems For armor no longer works because I just get straight one shot plenty of times. I have 12,386 life and 9,538 damage are my stats too low atm for inferno? Should I be farming hell mode to get more damage and life before I venture any further into inferno or am I just not playing very well. I made it to a bit passed the Skeleton king and now it seems i can no longer kill anything, I believe force armor was nerfed after i Killed skeleton king and blame this =) but then again i could just be bad.
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