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Confirmed: Force Armor nerfed

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Force armor is still working for me in Hell difficulty, acts 3 and 4
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Pic or it didnt happen. And dont tell me he farms act 1. Any Barb can farm ac1 inferno but in act 2 you get instagib.

Not true. People just need to actually farm their gear and not go there with their blue crap and 3k armor and 300 resistances. My barb friend tanks act 2 inferno like a boss by now, including most elite.
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Force armor is not working, tested it on inferno Act II
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This is just stupid as they can go. Tried it on Hell and Inferno. Massive damage do not get blocked by either Diamond Skin and Force armor. It just 1 shots you.
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Worked fine this morning.. then a server restart.

Now.. sometimes it works, then sometimes a mob's melee swing kills me instantly.
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Yea Force Armor is no longer working for me as well in Act II Inferno. If they nerfed it I'm quitting. I sold all my other gear and bought high int gear/no vit for this setup, so now I am screwed.

This should have been fixed before release.
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Not only does it look like Force armor now works completely arbitrary, no,
Diamond Skin now seems to be bugged as it simply doesnt block heavy Dmg at all, regardless of the Healthpool.
Tested with 5k and 30k....Oneshot!

Great Blizzard, thanks for the communication........

At least give us patchnotes or UPDATE THE !@#$ING SKILLDESCRIPTIONS!
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^ +1
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05/23/2012 05:00 AMPosted by Legendary
Force armor is not working, tested it on inferno Act II
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nerfed FA and broke the !@#$ outta diamond skin, usual blizz fixes
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I have just tested force armor rune on white mobs in inferno act 2, it does not work all the time, i mean it may work than other second it doesnt, it may have an internal cooldown now. I am not sure, a blue reply would be great, so i can decide how to gear up my wizard for inferno.
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I want a refund, I worked hard on a lot of achievements, and don't want to play any other classes. For a big gaming company such as blizzard, this is a huge upset.
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Update: I tested FA with 10K HP. It works perfectly fine.
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100 Blood Elf Warlock
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just now
play act 1 inferno
get til spiders cae fine

first spider, one shoted

change to "norma gear"
one shoted as well

how do play wit wiz?

FA gear:
4721 hp
3162 armor
1760 hp/regen
10k dps

normal gear:
3602 armor
633 hp/regen
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Take this into consideration.

Maybe Blizzard doesn't want you to have really low health pools.

Maybe Blizzard is trying to fix the issue.

Maybe said fix involves reducing the damage taken to 35% but only if the damage taken isn't more than your maximum health pool.

Let's say above changes are true.

Let's also say I have 35k HP.

Now let's say you take a "Hard" hit for 10,000 damage. Easily mitigated with 35,000 HP.

Now let's do some math.

35% of 35,000 HP is 12250. Since 12250 HP since the 10,000 damage hit is less than 35% the rune doesn't work and you take 10,000 damage.

Let's say the hit is instead 20,000 damage. The damage taken will only be 12250.

Sounds pretty much like how it works now right?

Well let's say you had 5k HP.

35% of 5,000 is 1750. So with a 10,000 Hit you should only take 1750 right?

Well, if the change is to only negate the damage if you could have survived it in the first place then you will take 10,000 damage and die.

Sounds like a better use of the mechanic IMO.

yeah with 4.7k every hit is bigger then your max hp .... so its isnt working based on hp it seems.

Anyway on EU side myself, was doing a butcher run and from what i can tell it still works on everything in chambers EXEPT the bersekers smash thing (the one where their hammer glows red and if they miss its stuck in the ground) that thing one shots me now through diamond skin.
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Community Manager

Let me follow up by saying that in general class balance is an ongoing investigation, and by no means do we believe the game is now perfect, but we're also seeing evidence that supports (with a few nerfs to wizard and demon hunter) the monk and barbarian are not as bad off as they seem.

A large part of the monk and barbarian designs are based on survival models that mimic the concept of the class itself. The idea of a monk is that he survives through being agile and difficult to hit, and his healing and survival scales particularly well by focusing on mitigation stats like dodge, resists, and armor. The concept of the barb is that he survives through a huge health pool, and healing himself through damage (%life on hit stats), which is potentially a bit obvious with all the life return skills but can't be overstated.

The game is young, there were some skills that threw things out of whack, and we expect the landscape to settle out a bit more evenly. Or at least change again so we can continue to monitor the impact. Maybe we're wrong, maybe there's no current chance for monk or barbarian to compete with ranged, but our current suspicion is that's incorrect and until we know for sure we're not going to turn any dials.
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this is !@#$ing bullish.. blizzard change the tooltips when u change game spells so we kno.... u have hardcore characters that have no idea you broke there spell now they are gonna go outside and just die first mob that hits them... do you have any idea how frustrating it is to spend 70 hours pouring your heart and soul into something just to have it destroyed cause u guys can't spend 2 seconds posting on the forums or letting us know
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