Diablo® III

Act 2 sewer lag?

I have the same issue myself. The rest of the game plays perfectly fine, the sewer levels bring the game play to a crawl...
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There's definitely some issue with the sewers areas. I play on my laptop only occasionally - which admittedly isn't the most powerful, but it CAN play the game decently in other areas at a steady 30 FPS with low graphics settings. Get into the sewers? Forget it; drops to an unplayable 1-5 FPS.
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I have found that the 4 way intersections are the worst area's for sewer lag. Once you move out of those areas it's fine. FPS drop is usually 50% in these areas. It's been this way since launch. I really hate finding elites in those areas. My guess would be the reflections and splashes are bringing things to a crawl.
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I'm bringing this up again because there still hasn't been any solution to this. My graphics card is pretty outdated but I can guarantee that it is not my card's fault. When the game was first released, I had absolutely NO issues in any part of the game. I've now been getting some crazy lag in the sewers in Act II.
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Unfortunately it really is the fault of your PC and mine. I have the same issue. It seems like they tried to optimize it some to assist those of us with older cards, but it was not universally successful I don't think. For some it got better, and for some it got worse :( Sounds as though you were in the later camp. I am about to buy my first new PC since 2006 so that I can finally play the way the game was intended. Not everyone has that option though. Go go tax return. I just wish they had the option to turn down water graphics in D3 the way they do in WoW so that those of us on older PCs can still play easily!

Edit to add: You may want to post your DxDiag so that the more analytical sorts can look over your specs. Sometimes a driver update or tweaking settings can help.
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i have the same issue. i have a natural knack for computers, made my own. my specs are 5 gigs ram, 3.4 ghz quad core cpu, a gtx 460, overclocked to hell. i have noticed that i only get the lag when in the sewers. i also have, on my overclocking software, an on-screen display of all of my gpu specs, and when my fps drop, so does my gpu usage. so, it cant be my gpu, right?
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Same issue. I run the game about 30fps everywhere, until I hit these sewers and my framerate plummets into the low teens. I don't know what it is, but its really annoying. Maybe all the fog/reflections or whatever else.

I have a 5770 HD Radeon
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I do not lag.

Anywhere. On two complete different systems.

System #1 - i5 3570k, 8gb of ddr3 @ 2000mhz, evga gtx 580 classified 3072 ultra (1595 reference), soundblaster z pcix soundcard

System #2 - i7 4770k, 8gb of ddr3 @ 2000mhz, evga gtx 770 w/ acx cooler (2774 reference), soundblaster z pcix soundcard

People who complain of constant lag should get a real computer, and stop trying to game over crap wifi. Also having a dedicated sound card helps. On board sound sucks, always has, always will.

System 1 runs @ 1920x1200, System 2 runs @ 2560x1440. Both systems have the graphics up as high as they can go as of patch 1.08. Both systems are stock, nothing is overclocked.
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