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Evasive Fire appreciation thread

(With Covering Fire)

1. Good AOE.
2. Can get you out of unpleasant situations.
3. It helps you kite if you know what you are doing.
4. It does good damage.
5. It generates the most hatred.
5. MOST IMPORTANTLY: it hits through obstacles! Rip those pesky wallers apart!

1. Has somewhat of a learning curve.
2. If you use it wrong, it drains your discipline, and it can put you in unpleasant situations.
3. While it does good damage, it's not as good as Devouring Arrow.

I'm actually in love with this skill, especially because of n6 PRO. It's amazing.
Who's with me?
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The damage of evasive fire is less then that of hungering arrow... by quite a bit.
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I used it in late nm early hell but found it to be rather annoying due to having a higher ping suddenly flipping back. I didn't realise how annoying it was until I switch to hungering arrow. Like many abilities though they loose there appear on harder difficulties ie vault. I suppose with displace rune it might be enough to make it useful in inferno so I guess that's worth testing.
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It'll get you killed about as often as it will save you... probably more-so.
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05/26/2012 03:43 AMPosted by Celdra
The damage of evasive fire is less then that of hungering arrow... by quite a bit.


Covering fire is:

3x 125% (375%) weapon damage ideal for elite packs
+1 hatred gen
Easy to aim therefore instant back flips when spamming with decent attack speed
Great against invulnerable and wallers

It'll get you killed about as often as it will save you... probably more-so.

That is a learn to play issue, furthermore the back flip component is just icing on the cake compared to covering fire's solid damage.
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I played with evasive as my primary through NM.
Positioning is key for making sure the backflip doesn't get you killed.

Never noticed it shoots through walls, though. Might have to try it out again ;)
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100 Undead Mage
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While I like the ability, I think you've exaggerated how amazing it is.

1) Decent AoE. It's still weak in terms of AoE when compared to Grenades and pretty much all the runes Grenades offers. Still, it's a valid point.

2) It can, but only with practiced use. And there is a cost here. Not to mention the fact that it only works if you have the Disc for it. A good point still, but we must be fair.

3) This is just pretty much true, though it comes with the same issues as 2.

4) It does relatively poor single target damage. Pretty much all the incarnations of Bola and Hungering do significantly beter single target.

5) Base, yes. But Pursuit of Justice> ES and Tinkerer Grenades both offer a lot more Hatred regen. (6).


1) Yup.

2) This sorta goes with 1, but this is also a bigger deal than you make it seem. Mobs with teleport, jailer or anything that radically changes mob and player positioning in the battlefield can make almost any amount experience worthless and lead to draining Disc.

3) Yup. Or as good as Bola.
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05/26/2012 05:36 AMPosted by Wolverine
What people are missing is there is no missile travel time, and the CD resets if you do flip. The hatred regen is the best there is.

The instant damage is great, while it does not have best hatred regen covering fire is a solid all round package.
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