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So Has Blizzard Given Up or...

05/27/2012 01:12 PMPosted by Scarzi
those items are unattainable via playing and only obtainable via AH

waaaaait a second... how did those items get listed onto the AH in the first place?!?!
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The difference in Diablo 2 was that you could solo act 4 and 5 with gear you farmed yourself.

In Diablo 3 you have no chance in act 2 and onward unless you buy gear from the auction house. The best gear drops in the later acts (Jay said there was one tier of drops in each Act), so there will be a looooong while until I even have a chance at starting farming the best gear.

Basically I have to gear up so I have a chance at gearing up so I have a chance at getting the good loot.

In D2, I could start farming the best loot the game had to offer by myself.

Good point! Yes, Diablo III has an additional difficulty level, Inferno, with a very steep difficulty curve. One bit of misinformation is that loot is static in where it drops, but in fact the loot table bands are quite large. For example the "Inferno Act I loot" has a chance to drop in Hell Act IV as much as it does Inferno Act II. You will need to farm Inferno Act I to get a shot at those higher level items to drop so you can continue progressing.

Oh so I need to farm Inferno Act I for months until I can get the extra 500 resists I need to not die in literally 2 seconds to an easy champion pack in Act II? Sounds great, can't wait to start.
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05/27/2012 01:17 PMPosted by Keslor
those items are unattainable via playing and only obtainable via AH

waaaaait a second... how did those items get listed onto the AH in the first place?!?!

They got added near the beginning when DH and Wizards could pretty much solo anything that they wanted using broken tactics and skills.

What do you think they were doing the first week, twiddling their thumbs and waiting for everyone to catch up?

No, they knew that everyone needs gear who doesn't have a broken(good) class. So they charge insane amounts of gold for it. And we buy it, because we -HAVE- to.
05/26/2012 03:13 PMPosted by Bashiok
Anyway, we'll have an article up on the front page on Monday that gives a couple fun stats, and goes into explaining a few of the things we're working on and maybe some rough time frames.
No one want that fun stats.. Fix AH, its annoying farm all day. Spend all gold on something, and lose gold and don't get item.
Blizzard completely forgot about what made them a great game company when they made this game.

Instead of putting all of their effort into making the game a enjoyable, a fine piece of art, they put most of their energy into trying to tweak the entire game, the item system, the leveling system, the difficulty system, the forced online play, to make the RMAH as successful and arguably as profitable as possible.

If its not obvious by now, you are probably still in denial.

If you are expecting them to fix it, don't hold your breath. If you are expecting them to actually listen to us, again you will be disappointed. They made the game like this on purpose, this is how they want it.

They wont listen to us because after all, we the customers, the gamers, can only give them advice on how to make the game more enjoyable, not how to make the game more profitable.

This is also why they are ignoring the thousands of posts asking for the simple, basic privacy feature called invisible mode, which is included on every other form of social software and online gaming network.

They wont give us invisible mode because they don't stand to sell as much additional product from the future of marketing... 24/7 free player to player cross realm advertising. Our privacy concerns are trumped by their desire for ever increasing profits from this excellent form of marketing, just like our concerns for the enjoyability of this game are trumped by their desire to increase their profits through the success of the RMAH.

They could save this game if they wanted to, but as it stands they are going to make a lot of money from it just the way it is. The majority of people are too stupid to realize they are being tricked. They already made truckloads of cash just from the initial sales.

If for some reason you don't understand how this game can be enjoyable for comfortable majority of the new generation of blizzard fans, check out this link, although it might be over many of your heads... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cow_Clicker (basically a guy made a mind numbingly simple game that wasn't at all supposed to be fun to CRITIQUE the many simple non artistic games that allow for real money purchases to facilitate progression, AND PEOPLE LOVED IT!)

They will continue the facade, while losing many of their core fans, but gaining many more mindless new ones. Everything was calculated ahead of time, this game will be very successful, but that depends on your personal interpretation of the meaning of success.
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those items are unattainable via playing and only obtainable via AH

waaaaait a second... how did those items get listed onto the AH in the first place?!?!

Because several thousand people are participating in the auction house... so basically math, yeah... I have seen that snide argument before and it is the silliest crap ever.

Of course the AH is going to have the gear you need and of course they got it from killing monsters, but that is thousands and thousands of people, unless you can somehow morph into some sort of Buddhist god and be 100 different people as one...
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All the people defending the item system and infernos difficulty I guarantee haven't been to Inferno act 2 yet. Can't be true.
05/27/2012 01:21 PMPosted by snøwXz
Maybe hes waiting for like 2m of the 6m that purchased it, the problem is only 20,000 or so are on at one time in the US server, Lol.

No, only that many are playing public games. Lots of people are playing with friends, or by themselves.
All the people defending the item system and infernos difficulty I guarantee haven't been to Inferno act 2 yet. Can't be true.
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05/27/2012 01:16 PMPosted by Miraa
It's pretty strait forward guys, spend 5 minutes comparing uniques to base white items, then look at gold craftable items. Uniques are good. They're fine the way they are, I think. So are set items. They're all basically the same thing though, you do people see that? Uniques are your basic white weapons, with sooped up graphics, and 1/2-4/5ths pre-generated stats.

I'm confused by this post. Uniques/Legendaries (whatever you want to call them) are not good or fine at all. They are very broken.


Look at these items.

Now before you say something like "DPS isn't everything" -- DPS is everything. Every skill in the game revolves around weapon damage. "Increases Magic Missile Damage by 8%"? How is that at all attractive when a blue weapon, with twice the DPS, increases Magic Missile damage by 100%, not to mention every other skill in your spellbook? How is 80 Strength and 7% extra damage against Elites at all relevant when a blue weapon with higher DPS increases all damage of everything by 100%?

DPS is unarguably the most important weapon stat in the game and at the moment, it seems like blue weapons offer about twice what Legendaries do. This is very likely due to the fact that far more blues are rolled than Legendaries, but the problem remains. Who's going to use this sea of 600dps Legendaries when 1300dps blues exist? Due to the way the skill system works, weapon DPS is king, putting virtually every Legendary weapon in a worthless state.

/sigh. It's so early in the game and you still haven't grasped that SKILLS do NOT (NOT) [NOT] base the damage they do on DAMAGE PER SECOND.

THEY, DO, DAMAGE, BASED, ON, damage. Capishimo?

This is why when you equip a two handed weapon, your attacks like SSS suddenly quadruple in damage.

So, this weapon is very nice, yes. Base damage is high. But compare it to +%damage to a skill, or even +maindamagestat. Or even the all powerful +%damage mod. Or plenty of the other unique always-rolled stats. Those are amazing, and you ignore them becuase you focus on one lucky blue.


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