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Dealing with Inferno Act II+ Elites

Specifically, Reflect Damage mobs and Fast mobs. How did you guys who are in Act III and Act IV Inferno clear them?

First, the Reflect Damage mobs. I am killing myself repeatedly. I've tried Smoke Screening the damage, but I run out of discipline very fast from having to use Caltrops for kiting as well. I've tried moderating my damage to taking them down very slowly, potting, and doing it again. That strategy is effective, however it takes decades to kill the mobs because I have to wait to deal damage for 30 seconds between health pots while kiting circles. That's what I'm dealing with.

Second, Fast mobs. I can't kite them. Same discipline problem, I use Caltrops to immobilize for kiting, but I run out of discipline and they just run straight up to me and smack me. I've tried a stampede build which helped wonders on the mobs. It definitely bought time for discipline regen for another one or two caltrops before running out and getting smacked again. However, not effective enough.

Please do not reply if you do not have experience dealing with Act II+ Inferno mobs of these types.

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I noticed that Dmg reflectors have a particularity, they drop globes at certain health %. that might help
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Oh? I haven't noticed that. I'll look out for them.
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I've found that when you are faced with champs you can't deal with it is best to cut your losses and go around them, if that's impossible might have to start new game and hope something manageable comes up.

I had to reset in the sewers 4 times cause I had no room to kite and the mobs were impossible to deal with in any way.
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05/27/2012 06:13 AMPosted by metagod
I've found that when you are faced with champs you can't deal with it is best to cut your losses and go around them, if that's impossible might have to start new game and hope something manageable comes up.

I hear ya. I've done that with the Oasis four or five times now. So many elites spawn outside the Waterway it's almost impossible to get "nice" elites to deal with.
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For tight spaces you might want to consider Stampede. The knock back works against blue packs so you can fire away while knocking them back. Gold packs however it helps to single out the gold mob from it's minions, again to make things more manageable.
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For reflect damage mobs I usually drop3 spike traps in a tight space, wait till they come up close to them, SS so I dont take damage, spam as much elemental arrows with screaming skull on and repeat every time I have enough discipline. Takes awhile, but it works in the end.

As for fast mobs, I've tried caltrops with the root rune, but it didn't help me much. So basically I just run back while spamming elemental arrow+screaming skull, they constantly get feared, and if they get close to me, I SS and move away while spamming that arrow. I use the bat companion too.

Also, choose your terrain wisely, you can easily kite mobs with spike traps and SS around a round obstacle, especially through ones you can shoot through. Use stairs and doorways for nice spike trap damage bursts.

Hope this helps!
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I have found that Shadow power glyphed with gloom (-65% dmg while active) effectively deals with the damage reflect while also being a fairly good defensive/mitigation cooldown as well (note: I have mostly done inferno in groups of 2+)
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All rare mobs drop a 35% health globe after they have lost 25% percent of their life. So at least 4 health orbs should fall per Rare. Champions have a 60% chance to drop a 35% health globe after losing 50% of their life.
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