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A Unique Collection Compendium.

I haven't actually found a thread regarding the Unique Monsters for this achievement so I figured I'd start up a "Compendium" for their Locations. If you happen to come across one of the achievement mobs feel free to add it to the thread and I'll edit into the first post.

Red Rock - Southern Highlands
Firestarter - Cathedral Lvl 2
Sarella the Vile - Leorics Manor Courtyard
Beyatt - The Stinging Winds (The Lost Caravan)
Chiltara - Caverns of Frost (Floor 2)
Ragus Grimlow - Cathedral Level 1
Logrut the Warrior - Highlands Crossing
Mange - The Weeping Hollow
Drury Brown - Defiled Crypt
Bellybloat the Scarred - Cathedral lvl 4
Captain Cage - Cathedral level 4
Cudgelarm - Cathedral level 2
Ebenezer Samuel - Old Tristram Road
Gorog the Bruiser - The Core of Arreat
Stinging Death Swarm - Western Channel (Act 2)
Ghoulash - Tower of the Damned Level 1
Mage Lord Skomara, Guardian Lord of Frost - Act 2, The Storm Halls.(Thank you Hichtec)
Raiha the Vicious - Desolate Sands (Act II) (Thank you Squirrelloid)

This is what I have at the moment. - Happy Hunting. :)
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Neat! I have not started whatsoever on this and I have no clue regarding the spawn mechanics to be honest but I am sure when I go achievement hunting for it I will be thankful as all getout for the hard work =).
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Raiha the Vicious - Desolate Sands (Act II)
The Archivist - tombs in late Act II (ie, Zoltun Kulle's archives, possibly Vault of the Assassin and some side dungeons)

I've got some others I've killed but I can't remember where...
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Mage Lord Skomara, Guardian Lord of Frost confirmed at Act 2, The Storm Halls.

By the way, there is this post at Diablo Database with a lot of information regarding the monsters locationt: http://d3db.com/achievement/i/a-unique-collection
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Selfdiscoveries, not 100% confirmed, regarding game mechanics:

I'll start with maps, even though this is a thread about the monsters, since it'll give us some insight on creature-hunting. I'll use the cave/event "Crumbling Vaults" in 'Stinging Winds' ACT II as the example.

A lot of times, the maps are fixed. This is the case with 'Stinging Winds' which is split into two areas, the Khasim Outpost in between the two. In 'Stinging Winds' there are, as far as I can remember, three possible cave spawns: "Cave" (can't remember if this is the exact name), Chamber of Idols and Crumbling Vault. Most people will be looking for the the Crumbling Vault, since this cave is the rarest. Usually, while looking for rare caves, players will discover the map and then leave if they do not find the desired cave. It is, however, possible for a player to discover only parts of the map and then be sure that their cave isn't in the map. Depending on the area, only a set amount of caves can spawn at a time. In 'Stinging Winds' the player can leave after finding a "Chamber of Idols", since the Crumbling Vault will not spawn in the same game.


Long story made short, the same thing happens with some creatures. For example "Red Rock" (Savage Beast) in the Southern Highlands. Since the area is small, only one pack of champion/elite/rare mobs spawn at a time, thus if a player finds a group of champion Savage Beasts (or in this specific example, Moonclan Khazra), he can remake the game.

I'm note sure with how many maps this works, but it's certainly worth sharing. This is what I've discovered so far, farming for achievements. Obviously, the smaller the area, the quicker the details will be revealed.
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Thrum and Tomekeeper- Realm of shadows

Thrum by the way is a giant rock beast hidden underground until you get close enough
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anyone close to getting em all?
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Hi there, ive been hunting Ragus Grimlow on the first floor of the Cathedral for sometime, id like to confirm that someone has indeed seen and killed him, and not just listing the supposed area he is meant to be.
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Merrium Skullthorn - Cathederal Level 2 - Inferno
Will spawn with other yellows in the same area. Desocrator, Plague
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I think this deserves a bump.

I have been doing cathedral runs for sometime and have yet to get any of the unique spawns.

My recommendation for these is play on multiple difficulties. Hardcore is actually a good place to hunt these enemies.
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