Diablo® III

The oldest game you play? (You too Bashiok)

So what the oldest game you honestly play? I'm not talking about some novelty like Pong that you turn on and look at for 5 mins and then think, thank god for technology. I'm talking about really playing and becoming immersed, despite that it maybe completely out dated mechanics and graphics.

For myself, although I grew up on the Atari and Nintendo, I find that I usually only end up as far back as the early 90s.

The Secret of Monkey (1990) by Tim Schaffer <3
Day of the Tentacle (1993) by Tim Schaffer <3
A hand full of NES titles ranging from Ninja Gaiden 3 to Dragon Warrior.
A lot of SNES titles os as I've come to realize, Square Softs golden age :D
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Bump for fun
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The only old game that I still play quite often is Diablo 2. I have played much older games and I enjoy them, but that is the only game that I still come back to. Of course this might change now that Diablo 3 just came out.
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Why are so many people trying to get Bashiok to have a casual conversation?

Just let it go.
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Think the last older games i played was Mega Man 2 & 3
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The Legend of Zelda 2
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1 Dwarf Warrior
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Dr Mario.

One of the best puzzle games ever made and I still bust it out every now and then for some good times.
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
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Lemmings with DOSBox
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90 Troll Hunter
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Heroes II and III
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Dune RTS (1992)
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Diablo 2.....
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baldurs gate 2
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X-Com UFO Defense.
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Shadowrun - SNES
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Serria Hero ( Heroes Quest ) IBM 286 PC So you want to be a Hero ! Played that damn game so many hours... When you talked with people you actually had to type in what you wanted to say to them.. Still could not say the right thing to pickup that centuar chick at the fruit stand!
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