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The oldest game you play? (You too Bashiok)

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For those of you looking for some other demons to kill while you wait for the D3 servers to come back...join me on ZDAEMON!

Open source online multiplayer doom at its finest, and completely free!


send me a message if youre interested in playing Doom 2 with me.
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played in msdos
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I like to play Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt on my super old NES
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Military Madness for Turbografix 16 (1990)

I recently bought Master of Magic (1994) from gog.com (I still own the original 3"1/2 diskettes for it).

While I haven't played it in a while, I have an original cartridge of Final Fantasy 1 for NES with a working battery.
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I used to play Golden Axe with my father and older brother.


we had a Turbo Graphix 16 system

AHHH, Turbo Graphx! I used to love that system, it was such a good sound little engine. Too bad it's controllers weren't better and it never got the third party support it needed to stay afloat in the market. Bonks adventure, Slaughter House, that game that came with it... oh memories
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TES II: Daggerfall. (1996)
Still have my original CD.... hooray for dosbox!

Carmageddon (1997) is also still a fav... it's great for when I only have 10 minutes to kill and have some aggression to get out. The driving physics are still better then most modern driving games.
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Planscape:Torment and Final Fantasy 7 at times.

OH,, and WoW.
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X-Com Terror from the Deep every couple of weeks
Ploughing through (slowly) an uncapped fighter/mage/thief in BG2

When I get the recidivist urge
Kings Bounty (the original)
Ultima 6-serpent Isle
Fountain of Dreams
Hard Nova
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Master of Orion (1993)

That is for my current PC since it came on a CD. I have a bunch more from earlier than that, but they are all on 3.5" disks. I'd have to get my old PC out of the basement to load/play them.

Those 3.5" ones would include most of the SSI games from the late 80's.

I really should get out that old PC, copy the disks to a thumb drive and move them over to my new PC....
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Master of Orion 2, X-Com Apocalypse, Jagged Alliance 2.
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Emulators are a wonderful thing. Probably FFI.
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Dungeon Keeper 1
Rollercoaster Tycoon (1, 2)

Azure Dreams

prob more.
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Original NES Final Fantasy
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