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The oldest game you play? (You too Bashiok)

Darklands - from '92
though my favorite RPG is baldur's gate, i feel darklands was innovative and added a lot to RPG's, too bad there's no money in making good video games.
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I still go back and play some various rom hacks for NES from time to time.
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Zeus Master of Olympus + the Poseidon expansion.

Heroes of Might and Magic 3

I love GOG.com and check it every day for new stuff. They've been adding like 3 or 4 games a week recently.

Have you played Sierra's other city builders, like Emperor? They're good stuff too. All very much the same game, but it puts a different flavour on it and keeps it fresh. You'd also probably like Children of the Nile; it's newer, but a great spin on the city-builder genre. And it had some impressive visuals for its time- beautiful cityscapes.

I was showing a friend GOG yesterday (they were looking for SimCopter, which GOG ended up not having), and I was wowed all over again by their library. The RPG section alone is a list of classic after classic. Both Baldur's Gates? Check. Planescape? Check. Fallout 1+2? Check. Arcanum? Check. VTM: Redemption? Check. Any Might and Magic you might care for? Check. Deus Ex? Check. Ultima 7 (also, 8 and everything earlier!)? Check. Stonekeep? Check. It's outstanding. Most of the other sections are similar (though nothing is QUITE as impressive as their RPGs), although the Sims are a little light, I'm unfit to judge the sports games, and there's still no damn Lucasarts games in the Adventure section (no Monkey Island, no Grim Fandango, nothing. Why, Lucasarts? You put some Monkey Island action on Xbox Live. Don't lie, I know you did. Why not let me buy it again for my computer?).

Mostly though, it's an absolutely killer selection. I could never play any games ever again except games that are on GOG right now, and while I'd miss out on sweet new games, I would easily have enough great games to keep me highly entertained for the rest of my life, and that is not a hyperbole.
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Dungeon explorer for the sega cd
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Age of Empires 2 and Worms
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Medal of honor "Spearhead" is the oldest game i still have installed. I dont have much room on my SSD for many other game nor do i have the time.
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Team Fortress Classic

About the only server I populate is called The Gas Chamber...1999 release date. Same name as here.
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Doom 2
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I still play pac-man ( different styles, and up-to-date versions as well) and alien invaders. Gotta stick with the classics.
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The oldest games I really play are Baldur's Gate I & II. Once every few years, I'll break out the NES and SNES games for kicks.
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All Donkey Kong games <3 -SNES
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You sir, are my new favorite person. I'm blown away by these sims I never knew existed. They're like Zeus with a different shade of cultural paint.
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05/29/2012 12:01 PMPosted by DiMeNsloNs
Serria Hero ( Heroes Quest ) IBM 286 PC So you want to be a Hero ! Played that damn game so many hours... When you talked with people you actually had to type in what you wanted to say to them.. Still could not say the right thing to pickup that centuar chick at the fruit stand!

BEST GAME EVER! I also had a 286 (PCs Limited before it was called Dell) with a Hercules monochrome monitor ... I remember finally saving up enough for an original Sound Blaster and VGA card / monitor. Made the game even that much better!

Note: You can get the whole series (Quest for Glory) on GOG.com now for $9.99... They recently released it.

- DoubleGate
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Lego Racer in about ~2000?/late 90s? was the shat
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Dr. Robotniks Mean Bean machine is the oldest game I play. And thief: Deadly Shadows.
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Yeah, quest for glory was really good!
The authors are trying to fund a new game on kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1878147873/hero-u-rogue-to-redemption

It looks promising! Check it out!
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Super metroid.. that game never gets old
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