Diablo® III

Continuous Lagging Issues with Diablo 3.

Im looking at a steady latency of over 3000 when I play in the daylight.
At 3am, I get about 150-200.
please, this makes it unplayable.
Why, when playing a private game, do I need to get so much info from the servers?
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I have a fine internet connection in a major city, and it's getting to where I can't play D3. It's not a graphics problem because the game ran fine for a bit and then took a nosedive. Also, I can state that I know and influence people who hold Activision stock, not a controlling interest or anything, but this statement is just to put the tiniest little kitten teeth in this post and make you realize that some of your fan base has grown up, have real jobs, and "is not $$$$ing around", as they say.

D3 was fine for my Demon Hunter earlier today, then I tried a couple other characters and all of a sudden I was lagging in fits and starts *constantly*. It's VERY frustrating, and I'm quickly getting to the point where I don't want to deal with it (don't want to play, fun as the game is/was).

Blizzard, I understand your *stated* reasons for online-only, and I don't know the reality of the situation (ie how many people are affected by lag/Net issues, are deciding not to play at all due to this (sold copies vs activated), how many brazillions of dollars you made so you can laugh quietly all the way to the bank, etc) but this is absolutely ridiculous. You even ASSURED US WHEN OTHERS ASKED YOU that servers could handle the loads with no problem and we shouldn't worry about it.

What's next? Regular server maintenance that knocks all region servers offline every week ala WoW? A little graphic of an animated finger flipping me off every time your servers have an issue? Maybe an electronic "Blizzard Psychic Dongle" I have to insert directly into my !@#$ that senses I am playing as me and not thinking about pirating or cheating ever?

I'm sure you had the best of intentions, Mr. Blizzard, but this is spiraling into the Ludicrous Zone quickly and that is where I not only stop playing D3 but also make sure I will not be giving Blizzard any patronage again. You may get to turn your nose up now since you have the money I paid for an annual pass (not feeling great about that decision right now) but as a customer my will shall be set against your continued growth as a company if these issues cannot be dealt with reasonably.
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US East Coast here. I get about 275ms average with regular lag spiking. It's sad when you can't even enjoy a single player game after you get off work.
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Last night was a lot better playing then it was the first night. I would suspect that Blizzard didn't want to delay the release anymore and just pushed it out without fully testing the server load. Remember WOW just to have the exact same issues and probably still does haven't played in years.

To get latency down do we all need to switch over to Asia?
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Thats just sad...Ive been waiting for this game for like 10 years since the incredible (lag free) diablo2, and to what end? to have a laggy single player experience?That just DOESNT MAKE SENSE! Nice one blizzard!
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So I crack it last night and turn the computer off because I was rubber banding every boss mob, wake up to find the same issue, but now I keep loosing my connection with the server, and am rubber banding even more frequently... Now I'm typing here while I wait to reconnect... Getting a ping anyhere form 300-1000....
Please Blizzard, consider an oceanic server!
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Played Diablo 3 for the first time yesterday, can't say I had a pleasant experience, the lag was ridiculous it would work fine one moment then seems like I teleported to another spot, Fken annoying when I get teleported back to a group of demons. I never had any problems with playing online games before, played BF3 with absolutely no lag. Blizzard, please fix or I want a refund because after all this stupid lagging issues I have lost all enjoyment in playing one of my most anticipated game.
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the server was shut down Azreals..... maybe maintenance? not sure where to look for details on wat they doin up there.
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same i have a new mac book pro and it does the same thing
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The amount of lag we're getting is ridiculous... With the amount of people playing in the US alone, it's a wonder I've been able to log in at all... I don't know how many times I've had to restart and then have major lag and die, or get booted from the server.

Pretty please can we have an Aussie/NZ server? It seems dumb to me that we don't have one by default considering how big our gaming community is...
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yeah i get the same problem, my connection from australia should be around 180ms...which is sometimes what i get, but the game just goes into the red sometimes reaching 2000 ping which makes the game impossible to play, i have basically stopped playing until blizzard fixes those problems. ps any other game, cs, bf3, or games that are hosted in us dota 2/league my ping is fine, aus servers i get under 30, and us servers i get 180 so diablo servers should be the same
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IM from USA, Texas and i am currently experiencing constant delay and im starting to question whether or not i even want to continue playing this game even when the lag stops. Ive lost all enjoyment so far.
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I'm still getting absolutely unbearable lag. is this going to be resolved?
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I am SO frustrated with this stupid laggy product.
I want to eat a bag of angry bees and jump off a bridge because of Blizzard.

I get perfect graphics and connection playing BF3... SO WTF?!
I'm going to have a public naked breakdown if they dont fix this asap.
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It wasn't until after that last patch that I started getting horrible lag issues on US servers. It has become quite unplayable and I have to cross my fingers and hope I don't lag out on a tough group of mobs or boss.

Blizzards servers never really agreed with my computer or IP. There were times in WoW where entering certain rooms in raids would crash my entire internet connection.
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Out of interest what type of internet connections and ISP's are people on? I'm on Optus Cable and don't seem to have any serious lag issues like previous posts have mentioned.
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I am using TimeWarner Cable and had no issues until tonight... Got on from 630-8 and it was fine. At 8pm EST I was disconnected from the server and told I was in a queue to get back in. When I finally got on the server went down. Since it has been back up I have had nothing but terrible lag...
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Doesn't sound good for my planned game play tonight then.....well see how it goes I guess!
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i'm just mostly upset with the fact that I can't even play single player without having issues
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All Aussie players having lag/latency issues. It's a widespread issue not necessarily linked to your connection (though it helps if you have a decent one, personally get 16Mps on ADSL2+)

Got an email at work (work for an undisclosed ISP in AUS) after I made some enquries to whether it was my connection, the servers (most obviously) or what?

The email had the following reply;

Hi Team,

Please be aware our network engineers have confirmed that any issues that xxx users are experiencing with Diablo III are related to excessive load on the blizzard authentication and auction house servers

All Australian users of Diablo III are affected.

This is a worldwide issue that Blizzard has acknowledged on their side and they are taking steps to rectify the excessive latency issues caused by the excessive load on their servers

Please let any Diablo III user who calls in complaining about excessive latency while trying to play Diablo III that the issue is strictly a Blizzard problem and all Australian ISP’s are affected by this issue.

Thanks Team

I'm posting this coz, well, other than the obvious log in error's, Blizzard really (from what I've seen) haven't addressed latency/lag. They has their hands full with the log in issues.

Share it around, or ignore, whatev's
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