Diablo® III

Continuous Lagging Issues with Diablo 3.

So since the last maintenance i have experienced the lag . Blizzard pls fix this issue , bfore maintainenace was perfect smooth lol T_T
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Dunno if anyone has had the same issue - but game was fine last night - today it's completely unplayable - hitting high pings, hanging every time I encounter monsters;
A friend of mine isn't having any issues (he has same specs and ISP); I still get the 3007/3006 error - so not sure if there is any common ground there
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My game freezess evey few seconds i need help please : / i have i5 laptop hp
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i have the same problem with the lag and i have no idea what it is i have a brand new gameing laptop and the spec is way above diablo requriements and i virgin 30mb internet witch is excellent and im lagging all over the place 5 seconds before hits happan and every encounter is jumping please help
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guys i have a laggy issue. i could not play the game at first. they said it was some graphic card error.so i changed the settings in the D3 note pad.i could enter but its so laggy i dont no y.anyone can give me some go tips.i am dying to pay D3 properly. thx guys
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It was playable the first few days barely, now it can't survive a single mob. Character just skips around the place and one second there's nothing on the screen, next there's a bunch of demons in my face. I've never had issues this bad with any other game playing on overseas servers and I've played heaps, and the bloody thing wasn't this bad before. This has got nothing to do with me, Blizzard have given me a rubbish product, almost ready to ask for a refund, no point keeping this game if I can't play it.
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Great game, bad lag. Lag ruins the game. Australia/NZ need local servers.
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Same here... ping between 300 to 1500 randomly and freezes and speed up all the time... delay usually last 10 to 20 seconds... usually happens when mobs starting to come so i die alot.

Honestly if Blizzard allow full refund of the games I am happy to do so in the current state of Diablo 3... it is nothing but disappointment so far.

I've got the game on the 15th and start playing it almost everynight but most of the time i quit due to the lag or it constantly kicking me out saying server maintenance and once i relog my game my quest are gone and i have to redo it again...
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Diablo 3 takes all my internet connection
-I play WoW, SC2, LOL with 70 ms with torrents downloading on full cappacity.
-Diablo has 300ms when I don't do anyhting and goes to 2000+ when I download... heck when I open one website.
-I play starcraft while watching Streams full HD no problem.
-I can't use skills see ncps, open chests, cast skills without it tanking 3-5 seconds with just watching a youtube video.

WTF is diablo doing on the background? downloading alien !@#$ from the moon?

Diablo3 EU-US-ASIA 62-81-90 ping to Blizzard servers, yet it %^-*s up my connection. Is diablo hacked or what?
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the maintenance team that just did work on the servers has ruined my gaming experience of this game I was having fun and talking it up to my friends so they went out and got copies but now we cant play, not even single player (due to lag and disconnect issues never experienced before) so either get your behinds into gear or give me my money back cause this is unprofessional at the highest level. I have paid for a product I cant use anymore because of you, what are you going to do about it?
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Same here. I have no problem when I play alone, but the more people there are in my party, the lagging gets worse, especially when we face mobs. I never have this lagging issue when I play SCII.
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Took game back to shop and got money back. After all the beta testing and you get the final product and it is pathetic. Not happy about waiting all this time for the game to be let down big time by not being able to play without internet connection in single player. And when you do get on the lag is terrible. Wont be running out and buying and more Blizzard products ever again. And how does everyone feel about loosing their accounts due to hacking? After the PS3 debarcle I would have hoped gaming would have got better but obviously once they get your money all care goes out the window. Xbox here I come.
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About a week ago when the lag really set in I was fighting Belial on hardcore mode. When he has about 5% life I suddenly start teleporting back to spots I was standing 2-5 seconds ago and die by standing in bad stuff.

Now I'm right in front of the door to fight Belial on my new character, and of course the server lag is going !@#$ing ballistic so I'm not starting that fight again because I'm not dying to lagspikes again. I guess I'll go play SC2 until they fix this %^-*.
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I have started to experience crippling amounts of lag. The only time I ever die is due to lag spikes or when the game disconnects for no apparent reason. My internet is top notch and I play many mmos so do not say it is me Blizzard. It isn't much different from the open Beta! Get your !@#$ together Blizzard because you are losing a lot of customers due to this debacle.
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05/21/2012 06:39 AMPosted by Maximus
So since the last maintenance i have experienced the lag . Blizzard pls fix this issue , bfore maintainenace was perfect smooth

same problem here , everithing was perfect before last maintrance no lag at all, and now the game not playable :(
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I get unplayable lag constantly, i used xfire to record andi posted to youtube. Start posting your examples too.

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Well I fixed the lag and frustration by launching a support ticket and asking for my money back.

I have a never been so disappointed. Waited for over a decade for this title. I hate multi player games as I just can't justify pouring in the amount of time that most gamers do to be competitive.

So I was really looking forward to Single Player Diablo III. With the stupid DRM I can not play the game.

I would urge anyone having issues to just grit there teeth and resist this awesome game and ask for a refund. If enough people do this there no doubt will be a single player patch without requiring DRM.

If I had wanted multiplayer I would have bought warcraft years ago. (Which I have not.)
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Playing with friends, we all have excellent computers way above the minimum requirements. We seem to get lag at the same time, some of us live in sydney some in melbourne. we all have around 300 ms normally >< and then it jumps to 1k. is there server wide issues or something
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05/25/2012 03:33 PMPosted by gomoku
Well I fixed the lag and frustration by launching a support ticket and asking for my money back.

That's what I did. I kept it polite. Gave a brief rundown of the issues I was having. Said the game was unplayable in the single player campaign over the previous week from my location. In game stats showed I had only been able to play for 4 hours in total. Said I had used tools like ping and tracert and my connection seemed to be ok. Ended by asking for a refund.

That was 3 days ago and no response yet. Anyone else know how long it normally takes for a reply?

Just got an email now confirming refund. Said it will take 5 to 10 days to fo through depending on the speed of my bank. I did enjoy the game when I was able to play it. So hopefully it will get sorted in the future and I can buy it again.
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JaySeek i can assure for you that blizzard is working as hard as they can and they take few time to response because they are fixing solutions in this game Diablo 3 that they didnt expected that it will happen 12 years ago >.> Plus it hapened to me once they were working on mists of pandaria and diablo 3 (b4 the release of diablo 3 1 month ) they took time a bit
its weekend they dont respond until Monday
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