Hello developer team,

I have encountered during Single player a strange behavior of the framerate.
My standard framerate is 60 fps but during/after some events framerate drops in various ways.
- after a cutscene, the framerate drops to 20fps then return back to 60 after 10 - 15 seconds.
- during critical strikes, sometimes explosions or corpse shattering the framerate sometimes gets to 30 - 40
- in enviroments like spider webs, or in act II in oasis (generally in environments where there are more layers of objects stacked) I get random framerates from 20 - 60 and it's changing rapidly.

In general, it doesn't prevent me to enjoy your excellent game but having the computer I have I'd rather have smooth and static framerate.

My spec:
Intel i7 2600K @ 4.5 GHz
GTX 570 x 2 in SLI (I am not running SLI when Diablo III is running)
16 GB of RAM @ 2 GHz
I have 500 GB free space on RAID 0 2x Caviar Black Edition 1 TB

Everything maxed out, resolution 2560x1440.
Vsync Enabled (or disabled - found out that sometimes it keeps framerate only on 30)
background and foreground FPS MAX = 60 for both settings

I thank you in advance for your feedback. Maybe I only have to adjust some settings.