Diablo® III

Sin Seekers legendary quiver

Found this legendary quiver today in Act 2 Normal off a cultist (+45% MF).



Anyone know what it might be worth? Havent been able to find someone else who has one or sold one, so Im kinda in the dark here. I play Barb so I dont have much use for it.
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Found the same item, and would like to know the answer too! :D
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Iv been playing my DH up got up to lvl 40 so far. I can honestly say that item is a piece of crap. It is a lvl 8 item, and yes its legendary, but it will only be useful for maybe 10 levels if that.

People atm are posting low level legendary items for outrageous prices and I doubt any of them have sold. Think of how much gold you had at level 8, then think about how much of that you would have spent for 1 ok item thats not going to make or break your gameplay.

I would have paid no more than 3k for that at the very maximum. Realistic price your probably looking at 1-2k for it.

Sadly legendary items are not a valuable as they were in diablo2
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Fair enough, thanks guys. I dont play DH so wasnt aware of if it was a good item or not. Ill probably just keep it in stash for when/if I roll a DH.
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05/16/2012 05:19 PMPosted by Adam
Sadly legendary items are not a valuable as they were in diablo2

low level legendary items were crap in diablo 2 also. not sure why you say they are not as valuable as they were in diablo 2....

ppl would trash and trow away low lvl uniques left and right in diablo 2. low lvl items are low lvl items. usefull for a few levels thats it. was absolutely no different in diablo 2. were only a select few high mid level items in d2 that ppl would actually hang onto and use usually for one particular stat or another.
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Would you recommend selling it or taking it to the forge?
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wont sell for much would be my guess low lvl items just arent selling for much because you will out level them so fast.

so your choices are

1. sell it but not get much for it
2. keep it incase you roll a char that uses those stats
3. dont care about keeping it for your other chars and not worth selling for small amount so just salvage it.
4. and really the most recomended option, give it to me.
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05/16/2012 06:11 PMPosted by Bmccloud83
4. and really the most recomended option, give it to me.

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im looking for one
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I play DH and wouldn't pay over 3k for that.
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It depends on the 3 random magic properties.

+Hatred Regen
+Discipline Max

If in HC mode and the combination of magic properties include +DEX and +VIT,
I would consider 5-10K for it, since it is only an level 8 item and will be obsolete pretty quick.
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I found these during a butcher run on co-op, put them on the auction house with no buyout and a 1000G starting bid, they were bid up to 7k.
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i sold a crossbow yesteday, was around lvl 10 allso with dex stats, it had good stats(tho it is still low so useing time is little) i put it up for 5k start price and 50k BO, it was sold on BO 3 hours later.
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