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Nightmare Mode Tips?

My friend and I are playing through nightmare together at the moment (he is a Wizard). We literally cannot get past certain parts. We are in act 2 at the moment.

I'm level 38 and he is level 40. I am using a pretty standard WD build, SW+SH->Dire Bats.

I think the main problem is my gear. I've got almost 2.7k hp, and he has just over 4.3k. The main stat I am going for is exp/kill to get 60 faster. I figured if I am higher level, it will be better than a few extra stats and I can get better gear from higher level stuff. I'm at about 150 xp/kill.

With 5 soul harvester stacks my bats hit over 1k, over 2k when they crit.

Can anyone offer some tips? We have to kite basically everything, and if we can't kite it, it just destroys us.
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Personally I'd say forget the +xp gear and focus on survivability and damage stats instead.
Sure all that extra experience is awesome when you can easily kill things, but you will probably earn xp faster in the long run with less +xp just by not dying as much.
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2.7k hp is far too low, I have over 8k hp at level 46. If I remember correctly I had 6k at your level. Note that XP is basically worthless since even with +0 XP you will almost guaranteed be 60 by the end of hell (50 by NM).

Perhaps link your build? It's normal to have to kite a little in NM against certain mobs but it shouldn't be such a big issue, especially with two ranged classes. As far as stats go, you need to be stacking int, vit and weapon damage.

I also can't emphasize how important weapon damage is. Don't even worry about stats on your main weapon, get a weapon that has over 100-120dps and it will make things significantly easier.
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I'd ditch the xp gear and go for damage. I'm having a semi tough time too in groups but it's due to lack of mana(40 can't come fast enough). With 5x harvest my direbats do 2.5-4k damage on crits depending on the mob, white damage is 1.8k+. Of course I'm playing in groups so maybe if I went back to solo it'd be faster.
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Personally, I am solo'ing Nightmare with the following build:

Firebomb + Roll the Bones
Locust Swarm + Devouring Swarm
Zombie Dogs + Final Gift or Rabid Dogs
Soul Harvest + Swallow your Soul
Acid Cloud + Lob Blob Bomb
Gargantuan + Humongoid or Restless Giant

What's great about this build is that I'll open up with Soul Harvest (stack as high as possible), Locust Swarm, a few Acid Clouds and then spam Firebomb - nothing survives very long and it's an especially great set-up if you are in narrow hallway or chokepoint.

I need to play the abilities a bit and see if there's something better, but I really haven't found myself saying that I 'need' to switch to find something more effective. Also, important to note that I solely use Zombie Handler so I get 4x dogs, which I use for the blood orbs for survivability, but I hardly get hit before mobs die.
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This is what I have just put on. I integrated a bit of someone else's build from on here, who is lvl 51 and in hell mode atm, again I just switched to this so havent tried it much. Previously I was using Gargantuan instead of Grasp, but other than that we had similar builds.


I want to switch gear but all the gear I can craft isn't as good as my exp gear sadly. Nearly +150 exp per kill doesnt matter much when you aren't getting any kills =\
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Your hp is way too low. I think I had 15k or so hp at your level. Regardless of your build you can't do anything if your gear and weapon aren't up to par. You'll make up the xp in terms of killing speed for sure with some updates on it.

Here's my build I've been solo'ing hell with.


It's pretty similar to what I used for most of nightmare, but with some added safety due to increased difficulty.
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I think it's easier/faster to play solo than in a group. Granted my dagger dps is only 42 in act II NM but I'm sitting at 650 int, even with high damage in a group the champs just take too long to go down.
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Hey there, I'm currently lvl 43 and I did the whole thing with my buddy barbarian. I am using this build, which I think would be viable for WD + Wizard since it has good cc and escape, as well as dmg.


I basically put GotD down in a group of enemies with 3 ''shots'' of spirit barrage (which is the max). The enemies can't get out of the zone and get a !@#$ load of dmg. On top of that, I use Rain of Toads on em. Spirit walk is for when you're OOM or when you need to escape. Mass confusion to receive less dmg, and soul harvest for the heal or the extra dmg.
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Haven't been to nightmare yet. But I already have troubles on my way as well. It would be wise to switch your skills often for the unique you may encounter.
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I know solo is easier/faster, but I enjoy the social aspect. I'm playing with a random barbarian at the moment. Dear lord is it so much easier having a tank hehe. Working on replacing some gear.

Prio = Vit -> Int -> Dmg, correct?
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I know solo is easier/faster, but I enjoy the social aspect. I'm playing with a random barbarian at the moment. Dear lord is it so much easier having a tank hehe. Working on replacing some gear.

Prio = Vit -> Int -> Dmg, correct?

Personally I'd say DMG -> Int -> Vit if anything. Everything scales off weapon damage (including the benefits of int).
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Would it be best if I just went with the highest available one in slot, rather than prioritizing?
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Some updates; I'm now over 6k hp, and level 40. Have switched jungle fort for vision quest.
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05/16/2012 10:18 PMPosted by Xylar13
Would it be best if I just went with the highest available one in slot, rather than prioritizing?

I think while leveling, that's the trick, but I would disagree if we were speaking of lvl 60 (although I tend to go int-dmg-vit)
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don't forget the value of each stats secondary effects either. Don't just ditch a a weapon or piece of gear because it may have lower int with some nice secondary affixes or str/dex (which is armor/dodge respectively) just for a few more points int on another item. I found that getting tunnel vision on one stat is bad mojo. You hit nightmare, you will find vitality, hp regen/leeching goes a long way.
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