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Is there a way to NOT play on battlenet?

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05/19/2012 02:20 PMPosted by Zeldafan
24/7 Internet access is available EVERYWHERE. Pay for it.

No, it isn't. I live in Indonesia, where the company that is the only option for internet service does have the capability to give you a stable connection (as Diablo 3 requires), though abuses the fact that they are the only option for internet service and does not do their job very well, while charging you the same amount for a very unstable connection. Thus the internet will go down for 3 - 60 seconds at a time, Diablo 3 will disconnect me, and I will have to start off in the same zone all over again. It took me five tries to get through a single dungeon without getting disconnected from the game. This is one thing you can fix- make it so that you don't have to start off in the same zone all over again, and save the progress made in the zone. WoW does this, and I'd bet that this is a feature capable of being implemented in the game- though it isn't. Doing this does not allow people to pirate the game, it simply makes it more bearable for the people who have to suffer through poor internet connection as I do. WHY ISN'T IT IN THE GAME?!
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90 Blood Elf Priest
05/20/2012 07:31 PMPosted by mastacre
You're upset because you bought into all the hype that was surrounding Diablo 3, got all nostalgic thinking about how much fun you had playing Diablo 2 and wanted to recreate that experience. This is not the game to do that, and if it's what you where expecting, then sorry, it won't be. In the end, you technically let yourself down by not doing the proper research and by letting yourself get carried away with what you expected. Blizzard created this game to make money AND THEN to make their fans happy, because even if they love their jobs, working for Blizzard is still a job. If you are unsatisfied with your experience, then take solace in the fact that there are people working at Blizzard who are truly sorry that they couldn't provide you with the game you wanted. If you can't accept that and move on, then you are doomed to another two months of self-inflicted stress because what you wanted didn't happen. Does it suck? Yes, it super sucks. It is almost the opposite of Batman sucks, but this is the world now and we ALL (Blizzard employees included) have to deal with it. Alternatively you, you could look into purchasing another game similar to Diablo 3 that does offer offline play.

Quite easy for you to say- you probably live in a place where a stable 24/7 internet connection exists. As I said earlier, there is a simple solution to the poor internet connection found commonly in countries like Indonesia- a solution which could prove useful when avoiding the ensuing rage of the angry players who don't get to experience the game as they should, while preventing piracy. However, this isn't implemented in the game itself, so the players do have a reason to be angry at Blizzard for this nuisance (though some may be not be informed of the problem involving piracy).
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Actually, it's not. If you have been outside your neighborhood, you would know this. There are many places around the world, and in America, where you can't even access satellite internet.
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For All of you saying the servers are up 99.9% of the time, try logging in now
you get queued for 10 minutes before getting an Authentication error,

If there is a way to play the game without logging into battle net, I would pay extra,
Most games from Steam have an Offline option, one to remember.

Wont be buying any more game that say "battle net" on the box that's for sure,
they may be stopping piracy, but how much custom will they loose as a result.
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Offline mode will NEVER happen on PC Diablo III. And that's the way I want it.
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04/16/2014 08:48 AMPosted by Stzabones
Offline mode will NEVER happen on PC Diablo III. And that's the way I want it.

The one thing that ALL companies hate the most is the fact that they lose customers. Lets say that 95% of the world bought D3 in the hopes of exceptional gameplay and very little lag. Now lets also say that the same 95% expect no problems with the battlenet launcher or the all to often server errors.

Now lets go to the time when half if not more of the D3 population "quit". This happened because Blizzard did not do what they promised would be a "quick fix" taking down the auction system, implementing the new systems... All of this was supposed to take a few months, instead coming out with the release.

Many people hate, or strongly dislike for those who dislike the word hate, battlenet as it is. Yes I understand Blizzard doesn't want D3 to be ripped off. The fact of the matter is, GET YOU HEAD OUT OF YOUR GREEDY BUTT we want a game we can play, not a business that is greed intensive.
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i agree with that we should not be required not to have the internet to play.
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or province
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