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Having trouble staying alive?

After much trial and error and many failed builds, I finally found a build that when used properly, can negate damage about 90% of the time. I will explain in depth the reasoning for each skill/skill rune and explain the basic rotation I use.



Magic Missile (Charged Blast) - A single target attack is very useful in later difficulties and with Charged Blast, magic missile is by far the best choice doing 143% damage.

Arcane Orb (Obliteration) - More damage than Meteor, Blizzard and Explosive Blast; can be cast from a distance; costs less than the aforementioned skills.

Diamond Skin (Crystal Shell) - This skill is an absolute necessity, I cannot stress this enough. As for the skill rune, Crystal Shell can be interchanged with Prism, turns your diamond skin into an offensive cd aswell. The problem with this however, is that in later difficulties, Elite mobs will break through your diamond skin in 1 hit. Therefore I strongly recommend Crystal Shell.

Wave of Force (Impactful Wave) - Gets enemies away from you and stuns them for 2 seconds.

Frost Nova (Cold Snap) - Freezes all enemies around you for 3 seconds, Cold Snap reduces the cooldown to 9 secs which fits into the rotation perfectly.

Teleport (Wormhole) - Very useful to get out of a sticky situation, monsters are programmed to surround you. With Wormhole, you can teleport up to 4 times in a row.


Glass Cannon - Increases your damage output
Astral Presence - Increases max Arcane and Arcane regen
Illusionist - Resets Teleport cooldown when you take 15% of your life in 1 hit (even if diamond skin is up)


This is obviously a "reference" rotation because sometimes things do not go as planned and you must adapt to the situation.

Start casting Arcane orbs at the enemies.
Once they get near, cast Diamond Skin.
When Diamond Skin is about to expire, cast Frost Nova.
Cast 2 or 3 Arcane Orbs then Wave of Force.
By this point, you should be running low on Arcane, cast some Magic Missiles while waiting for Arcane energy.
When the enemies reach you after the 2 second stun is over, Diamond Skin should be back up.
If it isn't, Teleport away.

Frost Nova
Arcane Orb x 2 or 3
Wave of Force
Magic Missile until enemies reach you
Teleport as far as you can and restart rotation

To recap:
Diamond Skin
Arcane Orb until Arcane depleted
Frost Nova
Arcane Orb x 2 or 3
Wave of Force
Magic Missile until enemies reach you
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I found this thread while goggling for diamond skin breaking early in Hell Difficulty. I would like to add for other people maybe stumbling on this thread as well make sure your armor is upgraded. I had some items from low-levels as I never found upgrades in the game or a decently priced one on the AH. Makes a huge difference as the armor mitigates the hit BEFORE it his the Diamond Skin.

Also I agree with this spell setup with the exception of I use Destruction Beam (Chaos Nexus) in place of Arcane Orb. IMHO it is a great AOE ability with single target availability that doesn't drain my Arcane Power nearly as fast.

I personally use Spectral Blade (Healing Blades) vs Arcane and "melee" mobs while my Diamond Skin is up as the healing is nice and I just love the idea of a wizard doing some close ranged combat (aka its fun for me and spell selection should be about FUN not always A is better then B).

When I go into boss fights where there won't be a lot of adds (Butcher, etc.) I switch out Destruction Beam for Ray of Frost (Snow Blast). This is one of the best single target spells at 280% weapon damage. I also change out Frost Nova for Lighting Hydra (does it does dmg while I'm avoiding boss mechanics, etc.) and Wave of Force for Mirror Image (Duplicates) which is great for distracting the boss to keep him off me. Finally if I don't think I'll need teleport (depending on the fight) I'll switch that out for Magic Weapon (Force Weapon) for a 15% damage boost (pretty significant as it takes my 4.7k dps to 6.1k (WOW).
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