Diablo® III

Thoughts and improvements on my build

My WD is currently level 32 and just started ACT I nightmare and I am always grouped with a Barb, and usually a monk as well.
Current build:

Exploding Toads, I have tried all combinations of skills/runes available to me at my level here but always seem to come back to Exploding Toads because when I change it seems to take forever for our group to kill things. The toads are good damage but I hate the randomness of their pathing when it comes to single targets or spread out groups.

Haunt, Nice dmg from a DoT, wish the health return was a bit more robust.

Spirit Walk, I rarely use this as a defensive skill, rather I combine it with the mana regen rune and I can almost regen my full mana in Spirit Walk duration, very nice for burst situations.

Mass Confusion, Nothing more fun than getting a group of elites, dragging them into a mass of normals and Mass Confusion on them, watch the carnage ensue. Taking the cooldown reduction is a no brainer here.

Acid Cloud, Great skill to combine with Exploding Toads for going after the mass kill bonuses.

Gargantuan, In a word, BEAST, this thing is nearly unkillable in normal (havent worked thru nightmare so no idea if it scales well) coupled with the enrage rune turing him into a wrecking machine for the big fights.

Passives: Pierce the Veil, 20% more dmg at 30% more cost <stack that max mana and make em burn> Fetish Sycophants, free little dagger wielding Psychopaths from spells that I will be casting anyway? sign me up <Ihave had as many as 7 at once running around> Spiritual Attunement, with 30% mana cost increase from Pierce the Veil 20% more mana and increased mana regen is needed.

What are your thoughts and or suggestions on this build?
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Shameless bump for suggestions
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