After unlocking the Ancient spear skill for the barbarian and using it, all subsequent attacks showed the "snared" text over the monster when it was being hit (first, second, third, etc attacks), but not during the hit that killed the monster. The exception was when the monster was killed with the first attack. I was using cleave as my primary attack, rend as secondary, ground stop as #1, and ancient spear as #2. The "snared" text also appeared when using ground stop and overlapped/superimposed with the "stunned" text.

Some other exceptions i noticed after trying a few things like switching weapons and switching environment. As far as I can tell, it only occurred with one weapon, which was the magic sword (sabre of winter) that I had equipped when the ancient spear skill became active and I assigned it to slot #2, and switching to a different sword or axe made the text go away. I first noticed it in the royal crypts, but it seemed to appear no matter where I was (old ruins, cathedral, etc). Server went down and after logging in and resuming the game, the text appeared again only with that one weapon.