Diablo® III

Game has been terminated/lost inventory


While playing Act 3, I was in Caverns of Frost Level 1. My inventory had just hit max capacity, so I used a town portal. In the middle of the cast, I got the error that My game session had been terminated. upon re-entering the game, I had lost everything in my inventory, except equipped items.

Overall, nothing lost except a little bit of progress and potential gold/salvage material, I just wanted to bring it up.

Thanks for your time.
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Same thing here. Playing act2 Hell difficulty ant getting this error 3 times in a row. Allways drop back my inventory and progress. Cant even complete first part of quest "Black soulstone".
Also, after session terminate i get error 25009 for a minute or so. And lost good rare helm that i equiped 2-3 minutes before terminate :(
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I can reproduce the "Game has been terminated"

I play with my daughter and she has bravely committed herself of stacking all the gems and upgrading them.

When I enter game..then she quickjoin. I trade all my gems

First trade i give her 6 stacks of gems..doesnt matter which one.. We trade
Second trade I give her again 6 stacks of found gems..we trade
Third trade..i give her my left over (3 stacks of gems)..

She leaves game..I disconnect with


I did this 9 times and 9 times GAME HAS BEEN TERMINATED

(What i did then to actually give her all my gems..i trade 3 gems...then we both left game and made new game..hence and repeat till everything was transferred to her

(Leaving the game saves you)

I think some sort of software is monitoring your inventory (or its a bug) that terminates your game when something unusually happens..

anyways...I can now reproduce it also with dropping 12+ gems quickly on ground..leave game (with leaving a friend inside the game)...game terminated for my friend..

when i reenter new game i still have my gems...
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Also happens when i was lvl 26 and she was lvl 22 and i bought all new yellows from auctions house and i wanted to trade all my yellows to my daughters char.. she had sjitty gear

I trade my whole inventory with her.. put on my new gear.. she put on my old gear..

(it was 2 trades of 6 yellow items)..

She leaves games.. I get GAME HAS BEEN TERMINATED

Really stupid i cant trade more items at once or i get this error.. hope you fix it
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