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Many skills aren't even viable?

I was really looking forward to playing demon hunter and so far I've been having fun playing it but there's just something that really bugs me about the class.

I wouldn't say any of the skills are overpowered but there are some that completely aren't viable at all. It's like they gave us some decent skills and then a crap load of useless ones that hardly anyone will ever use because they came in the box broken.

Here's a few examples of skills that simply don't work.

Chakram - Same hatred as elemental arrow except it has one insanely huge flaw. It can miss enemies that are directly in front of it. Even if you line the shot up and try to stand a close enough distance, you severely lose damage every time it randomly misses.

Companion - You've got the ferret for MF and the bat for hatred, the rest do such little damage that they're completely pointless. It doesn't make sense to use this when it strikes maybe 5 times during a 40 second battle and only does perhaps the same damage as 1 hungering arrow/grenade/even chakram. Needs buff.

Spike Trap - AMAZING skill! I love this one to death because you can kite the enemy to their death! Fatal flaw: 30 Hatred per cast with absolutely NO way to reduce costs. Seriously? You can use this 4x and that's all she wrote. When you've only got 125 hatred and you have other things like impale/elemental arrow that you can use on single targets, why would you use spike trap? If it was 15 hatred or even 20 hatred, it would see a lot more use because the damage would be worth it. But 30? You'll run out way too fast.

Cluster Arrow - Another really cool looking skill that I'd like to use... more than 2 times. This skill costs 50 hatred and can be reduced to 40 through a passive. Yay 40, now I can use it 3x. Needs fixing.

I'd really like to see these skills fixed because they CAN be very good. It just doesn't make sense to create a class and use such a small resource pool then smack on an incredible cost for skills. The only way I could ever see cluster shot working is if you can manage to find minus cluster shot gear, use the rune, and have really strong hatred regeneration. I'm not sure if blizzard tweaked with this specifically in mind but the cost is way too much at base level.
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Uh, simple answers to simple questions

1: Because that skill is not designed as a single target spell for enemies directly in front of you. hurr durr

2. People use it for the rune effects, like the increased hatred regen.

3. Get vengeance, pick a primary that generates a lot of hatred.

4. I agree.
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Not really questions :P More like complaints/review of skills.

I know chakram isn't a single target spell but if it can miss 1 target- it can miss multiple targets thus making it even weaker. People shouldn't have to use companion for just the hatred regen, the other runes should be viable as well.

Blizzard said they wanted all skills viable so people wouldn't pick the same skills as everyone else. Most of the skills aren't viable and need to be fixed.
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Cluster arrow needs a base reduction so badly, its easily the most worthless skill atm.

Even if the other companions did more damage, i doubt you would use them; they are more for the ancillary side effects, like the bat.
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lol twin chakrams are arguably one of the best skill in category, it will hit most enemies in huge range in wide area for 200 dmg for onllyyyy 10 hatred.
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