Diablo® III

Why does it have to run from a server?

Okay so like everyone else I looked forward to Diablo 3. Quite frankly besides a few minor issues the game rocks!

However why if I want to play through this game, like the two previous ones, in single player do I have to play "on-line"?
Because I don't see any benefit to anyone who may want to play the game in this way.

Its laggy for one, this could have been avoided simply by not having the need to be on-line to play the game. I get the co-op feature is great, and it is fun but is the fact that I am required to be on-line at all times simply laziness on your part?

Ill be honest I was never going to play this game in co-op mode until I had completed it myself on my own. I'm slightly dissapointed that I cannot play while your having technical issues. Nobody buys a single player game that is going to require weekly maintenance, the advantage to it is that you can pick it up and play.

Also I knew this would be the case but assumed it wouldn't be that much of an issue. Turns out this bothers me more than I thought. Are their going to be any plans to convert solo play to local games ? Or is every one going to be cursed by the insufficient servers and "Game maintenance". If I wanted any of this I would have gone back to playing WOW.

And before anyone has a go at me...

1. The game rocks
2. I'm enjoying the new class system (even if it is a little simplistic and linear)
3. The story is a little dated but the atmosphere is good. The narrative is also pretty well put together.

I just feel like probably alot of people do that loging in every time to play single player game is only making my experience of what I think to be a great game with huge potential, diabolic.

Discuss! :)
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I agree. Please allow single player without internet.
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cool story,bro.
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If someone could develop the code technology or algorithm to play online games over decentralized torrets, then that'd be cool. This is the "Technology and Science" forum, after all.

Anyway, I think Blizzard should offer a separate Diablo 3 digital download with a whole new class of CD keys that cannot interact with Battle.Net-enabled copies of Diablo 3 and cannot ever log onto Battle.Net which simply allows offline single player play of the game only. Perhaps, the offline-only copies would have CD keys that start with the same first group of alpha-numerics so it's pretty obvious that a given particular CD key belongs to an offline-only copy of the game.

^ This would benefit Blizzard in simply being another source of income. They can slap a disclaimer on how you cannot complain or threaten Blizzard with your QQ regarding not being able to log onto Battle.Net with your offline-only copy of D3. Players can, then, do whatever they wish with their offline-only copies of D3...hack and cheat to their hearts' content...develop and release cheatz/h4x/proggies/trainerz to the offline-only community.

As we all know, Blizzard doesn't care to invest time, people, money, and resources in combatting cheating online, so they enabled the persistent-connection method as their DRM.

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Newbzzz hit it right on the head --- DRM.

What would be easier is to just require a log-in once on a game client every week or so, then it would automaticaly turn itself to offline mode, or it can stay in online mode if you say so in settings.

I think that's the closest thing to a win-win situation
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Dunno but I remember original Diablo where everybody duped and cheated like it was nothing. It pretty much ruined the game.
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05/21/2012 11:28 AMPosted by What
I agree. Please allow single player without internet.
cant do that, otherwise the item and gold hackers have free passage to inflate the auction house
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It's DRM and thats it.

There is no crack for D3 and there won't be for a few years because everything is done serverside. The game is not working without a server!
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To be quite honest, I actually like the fact that it is online. I realize there are different opinions, but having that connection brings quite a few benefits that you wouldn't get with an offline connection.

For starters, when I played Diablo II in single player, it sucked that I couldn't take my progress and effort I put into that type of gameplay into my online experience. I like now how you can play solo, but the items you find in your solo play can be sold in an organized auction to your whole region.

Granted lag can be an issue, but the fact that I can play w/o much lag 99% of the time says something to their network engineering team.

Also, with Blizzards effort on integrating Battle.net into each game brings the social benefits along with it. You can see all your friends online even when they're not playing D3. Also, when you are playing solo and a friend comes online you can immediately join their game with your already earned specs and gear.

All in all I think it's a wonderful evolution of gameplay. I'm a software engineer myself so I know how difficult it is to please every user of your software. I think they've done an excellent job in making this game as awesome as possible. The fact that they are spending quite a bit of time and money constantly updating the game is something to be said about Blizzard.
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