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My current witch doctor build in act IV hell

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Yeah I was just trying a mass aoe damage build, and this seems to be working for me. I have been playing with a DPS wizard and a DPS demon hunter with a pretty tanky barb, and we have been doing decent. A lot of the named mobs that we fight we sometimes encounter trouble, but the 20% additional damage from mass confusion works very well for us. The start I've been doing is spirit walking in when I must, then soul harvesting for the mass intel, confusing enemies for the additional damage, and then summoning the fetish army for mass AOE. At this point all of your abilities are on CD, so the bonus mana regen goes off. Then just spam the firebats from further back, while your minions tank temporarily. Makes a really good dps build I think, But I am very open to other thoughts. The hp abilities on spirit walk and soul harvest are essentially for survivability. I would much be open to criticism to further improve my build though if anyone has any thoughts http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#acPdUj!XWU!caaZcY
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In reference to your passives do you think blood ritual is necessary? because if Vision quest is up then its pretty hard to go out of mana. This is just my experience I am in act II of hell so maybe its different in IV. there is always fortitude which is cool. 20% less damage. maybe even bad medicine but I only like to use that when I am AoE poisioning.

Healing Journey and siphon runes rock hard though. WD have great survivability but I dont need to tell you that.

When do you poison dart over dire bats? is that an out of mana thing? spam bats until you run out or does the snake to the face activate often enough to be useful?

Nice build. I think all us witch doctors should be bouncing ideas off of each other.
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I don't see how is this mass AoE build, just a common Dire Bats with Vision Quest build. I understand that most builds going to have the same few spells, but you made it sound something new. Well, it's a sufficient build. Personally, I don't find the time to stand and shoot poison darts. With VQ, all you need is the Dire Bats. You might as well get something else with decent cool down (i.e. 15 seconds or more).
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I like this build, but I think I will swap swarm in for the poison darts and use the passive that reduces enemy damage by 20% when poisoned.
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