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Purpose of magic find/gold find builds?

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So I've been developing a Gold/Magic find build since level 39 and am currently 51. On my wizard I have around ~60-70% magic and gold find and I had to sacrifice all stats to get it that high. My dps is only around 2.5k and am walking into Inferno with only 9k life. I have been playing with a friend through all of Nightmare difficulty and it seems like he got all the drops. I got no yellows from any boss, very few yellows from resplendent chests and treasure demons, and even fewer yellows from mob packs or elites. My friend on the other hand who has 0 % in magic find and gold find, ended up finding 3 legendaries and probably around 50 yellows from mobs. So is it even worth continuing to build of magic find while I sacrifice DPS and vitality? I'm considering to just pursue gold find, even that stat isn't that big of a difference.
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If I understand the game's magic find, gold fine, and + experience system correctly, +xx amunt(a solid, fixed number) applies to YOURSELF ONLY while +xx%(a variable, percentile number) is added from every memeber of a given game then divided equally among them.

For an example:

You and your friend are the only ones in a game.

You: 100% magic find, 20% gold find, +93 experience gained every kill, +14% experience gamed(amethyst in helm does this, I think).

Your friend: 0% everything, 2% gold find.


You: 50% magic find, 11% gold find, +93 experiene every kill, 7% experience gained

Friend: 50% magic find, 11% gold find, 7% experience gamed
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I did exactly the same today. Bought all Magic find items, got to 69% MF and did a run on Nightmare with my friend who has 0% yes 0 and he got more than me. I barely got anything so i said screw it and put all my normal gear back on and in the 30 minutes after i requipped my gear i got more yellows than the previous 5 hours with 69% MF gear on.....WTF! lol

If anyone has done a lot of research on the viability of magic Find can you please post your findings :) Ta
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Yep same. I have the highest % of MF out of my party. But i never seem to find any rare/yellow equips. On the other hand, some of my team mates who have 0% keep finding them after each elite mob.

Ratio wise, I counted every 5-8 rares he found I will only find 1. Gave up on that stat. Seems like its bug or something.
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Everything I have read says that you MF will be averaged against the total of your party.

What is not clear is the suggestion that drops/mf will get better as you kill more bosses and champs.

Is this a real live mechanic? or is it part of the valor of the nehpalem buff that lv 60 groups get?
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Well I understand that MF is average amount your party members. But it seems wrong where your party members finding more than 10 rares each while you only found 2, since the % suppose to be equal right?
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I've found MF to be a waste. Nephalem's Valor at 60 seems to work very well for me, sometimes I get 3 rares off a champion.
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