First off I'm not someone who expects legendaries to be amazing. They have more stats yadda yadda.

What I don't understand though is why the best legendaries can't even roll max stats in the all important categories?

Take Azurewrath:

This sword can only get +157-313 cold at best. Just looking at the auction house right now I'm seeing far better than that on blues. Looking at swords the best I see on a blue is +241-610. That's almost DOUBLE what Azurewrath can get.

Then take +%damage. That maxes at 40% where blues can get to 50%.

I'm not arguing a legendary should get max bonus in attackspeed/+dmg%/+dmg. If it's THE level 60 legendary though it should at least be in the ballpark. Nobody is ever going to use Azurewrath when its bonus damage sucks so horribly. It won't ever even come close to a good rare.

These ranges need to be uppped and blues need to be put in their place by having some sort of cap penalty vs rares and legendaries.