Beastmaster of Tristram
It shows everything finished except Beast, Ghoul, Wood Wraith and Dark Cultist.

Except, if I look in my bestiary I already have Beast, Ghoul, Wood Wraith and Dark Cultist. Listening to them again does not trigger them.

Getting them on a new character seems to correct the problem, but that gets us to the second problem.

Steeling with Feeling
Is also stuck, despite getting both the achievement before it and the one after it. Unlike the lore and conversation quests, due to the artisans being account wide, I don't see a way to recreate the events that are supposed to trigger the achievement (but were somehow missed the first time around).

I'm not certain, as I wasn't keeping a close eye on them at the time, but I believe the triggers that were missed occurred while in a co-op game whereas the ones the functioned correctly occurred while I was playing solo.