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Barbarian solo all Inferno at Asia Server!

Fst, forgive my poor english.

There is a asia guy soloed Inferno with Barbarian, today.
Here is some photo he shared.

"Cong! You clear Diablo 3!"
Achievement: 'Bul-Kathos Reborn: Complete Act IV with a Barbarian on Inferno difficulty."
His skill list: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#WVSRXk!VbX!bccZac
His final gear

he farm Inferno Act 1 until all resists are over 300 to clear act 2 and3. And he advice you need all resists over 500, hp over 70000 to challenge act 4.

his battletag: Fatalpaladin#3404
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GOD!!! COOL!!!
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05/23/2012 07:36 AMPosted by Ryan
lol dude has 900+ resists... !@#$ my life, I have 200+ right now and such a long way to go..

Be mindful that he's gaining 50% of his resistance as War Cry. So he probably has around 600/700 of each. :D Only. :D
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Well, at least I know I am on the right track. 42k health and 2k dps in Hell act 2 level 52. I don't do damage, but I never die either. I was going to try for 100k health for inferno and just try to tank as well as possible for my friends.

So, resists must be the next thing I need to build. Fun.
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Problem is his gear costs ik 100 million gold, he was obviously fed this. All his gear came from ACT IV Inferno which none of us can even hope to get to without that gear in the first place. Catch 22????
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05/23/2012 07:58 AMPosted by Ryan
Problem is his gear costs ik 100 million gold, he was obviously fed this. All his gear came from ACT IV Inferno which none of us can even hope to get to without that gear in the first place. Catch 22????

They did say he farmed A1 until he had 300+ resists ( I'm assuming with buff ) Then went to A2 and A3, we can only assume he farmed those until 500+ resists, and went to A4 and by the end of A4 he has that gear.

Farming Act 2 with 500 resist?
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lol. if thats what it takes to beat inferno with a barbarian... i think ill just opt for a monk.
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I have 600-700 all resists and 8k armor and around 43k hp and 9k dmg. I can't even solo act 2. What the hell am I doing wrong?

ps: I can deal with the trash mobs but the blue packs RAPE me.
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Hats off to him if did indeed soled it all without getting fed from his non-barbarian friends.
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if your not in act 2, then !@#$.
i have over 900 resis and im still getting 3 shotted by champions.
inferno is not balanced.
infact the whole game is not balanced.
the items suck. you have 2k hp demon hunters with 200k dps clearing inferno...
bring back d2 barb.
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The key point is his amazing health pool, while the resis is high but not that far from the average gear you could reach.

Gotta try this out.
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There is no "on the right track" you can get to level 60 on hell with some gear when u get to inferno you are completely off track. Kthx
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His gear isn't good enough for act 3. No wonder he had to kite them. I've got about the same resistances, but not his amount of HP. Act 2 is pretty doable with that gear. I think you'll need more resistances for act 3 to be somewhat effective. I don't want to play the game by running away and kiting all the time. I can tank act 2, and I'll damn well try to tank the other two acts as well. (if that's possible)
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