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So how are monks really faring in Inferno?

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At work here and kinda just browsing forums to theorycraft for my 58 Monk at home, and I'm getting confused by the polarity of the posts here.

On one hand I see lots of people going "Monks are utter garbage, fix them", and "getting OHKO'd with 60k hp shield and 60% resist all etc"

On the other hand I also see multiple threads of people posting what they claim as viable monk builds, along with videos to show them stomping Inferno no different to how I'm facerolling Hell.

I understand that gear is an important factor, along with some degree of skill (avoiding desecrate, lasers, freeze etc). But are we really as viable as the latter claims (even going as far as "I'm tearing through inferno" and farming), and if so, why are people also reporting brickwalling with those allegedly tank-heavy stats?

And of course in both types of threads there would always be 1: people who refute the claims, and 2: people who counter-refute saying the already classic words "if you think so-and-so you have never played Inferno kiddo"

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The basic problem is that Inferno past act 1 seems to be imbalanced for EVERYONE. in act 2, im getting 2shotted by the smaller units in non-special mobs. The difficulty seems to take a 400% spike, it's pretty crazy.

That being said, since ANY class seems to die in 1 or 2 hits, it screws over melee classes pretty hard, since they were, you know, designed to actually be able to sustain some damage in exchange for being able to hit the enemy a bit.
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Because Monks aren't a tank. If you can't bring the damage in Inferno, don't bother. You need enough HP to survive not being one-shot. Beyond that, you need resists and a bucket of pure kill. I would also highly suggest when going resists that you go for combo gear (All Resist + Specific Resist). Make sure the combo gear you get spreads each specific stat around. So if you go Feet with All/Arcane you then may have Bracers with All/Lightning. You bring everything up relatively equally. Then you can use that passive for something else which is a huge benefit.
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