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Able to skip quests on Inferno difficulty.

I'm a level 60 monk, I've cleared Hell and am progressing through Inferno. At the time I'm writing this post I have not yet killed the Skeleton King on Inferno. But for some reason I'm able to skip to some Inferno-difficulty quests that I've not yet reached.

I'll list in order what I need to do to create the bug:

1. Enter a public game, selecting any available quest from Hell difficulty. Since I am level 60, this means the last quest of act 2 through the last quest of act 4. Let's use "The Prime Evil" as an example.
2. Leave the public game.
3. Open the quest select menu for public games.
4. "The Prime Evil" is now a selectable option on Inferno difficulty and I can join that game.

I'm not sure what happened to make this bug appear in the first place - when I logged on earlier this evening the game was working normally.

Edit: can confirm that this bug also enables me to create a single player game that skips quests/acts.
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I think I have the same bug. I just beated hell Diablo and joined a friend's game in Act 4. Now I can join Act 4 inferno games.
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Blizzard is now going to patch this too -,-
you guys better get waypoints fast before this gets patched
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I found this bug too but I joined to my friend via "quick join" feature (public game anyway) who plays on nightmare-difficulty in 3 act. And when I open public games again, I was on the same quest as my friend but in inferno where I half-completed 1 act only. Now I've got 1 act and some quests in 3 act on inferno.
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Thanks to you dumbass!!! Blizzard is now going to patch this too -,-
whatever man i got all the waypoints to act 4 so all you guys who didnt get the waypoitns yet
you guys better do it fast before blizzard patches this

Thanks to people like you, internet gaming has a chance to summon 'Annoying Little Child' each time I enter some game's lobby.

Seriously though, this may not be a bug. This may be a design idea that Blizzard had decided on so players were not completely stuck until they rushed their friends up. It might be wise to limit this to the same Act, but I dunno. I only play duo atm.

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You are not supposed to announce this on a blizzard forum.

This is a great glitch that allows people to skip things they arent strong enough for yet.

But then again.. I question whether it is even a glitch or its been put there deliberately.

Either way... Dont get it removed please -.- means easy farming for us...
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