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[Tooltip] Demon Hunter - Caltrops

Their is a limit to the number of caltrops that can be placed, after placing 5 any caltrops placed force the previous ones to disappear.
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I actually tested whether caltrops traps would disappear on their own yesterday, and from what I can tell, they only last about 30 seconds (I dropped one on the ground, waited for a little more than 30 seconds, then it disappeared). Maybe there was a mistake, though. I think I'll test it once more.

Also, the wording in the tooltip is imprecise - it says "This trap lasts 6 seconds". When I first read this, my impression was that the trap only stays on the ground for 6 seconds before vanishing. However, it appears that what's meant is actually the duration of the slowing effect. I'd suggest re-wording it as "This effect lasts 6 seconds" to avoid the ambiguity.

Edit: Tested again, the Caltrops disappears after approximately 30 seconds (same as for the Spike Trap). Your first caltrops also disappears once you deploy a 6th one, just as the OP described. I feel at least the latter should be mentioned in the tooltip, especially considering it's there for the Spike Trap ("You can have a maximum of 3 Spike Traps active at one time").
You could also add "Traps set on the ground last for 30 seconds" in both traps' tooltips. However, seeing as 30 seconds is pretty much an eternity in the context of the game, I don't regard this as mandatory.
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