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Blizzard Admits the AH affects Drop Rates


Posted again, as it seems blizz removed this thread, why im not sure , perhaps i had Caps in the title , cant remember was to angry.

Fact : Bashiok has recently made a comment (im sure the thread was deleted) with the comment ...

of course drops are affected by the AH

of course ....? ... so blizzard openly admits now , that server side, the drop rates are throttled depending on supply and demand, and the AH current in stock status...

Is it just me , or is this openly admitting , the system cheats us.

Hypotheticly, assuming , i play a single player game only, ever. Because the game is online only, and controlled 100% by blizz, i have ZERO chance to find a legendary, because the server has now adjusted the rates on the fly, because others have already found it.

This is 100% pure cheating.

Point and Case : 170+ hours played now in D3.... not a single unique (legendary) item found. I Challenge anyone to go back onto d1, or d2, and play 160-170+ hours , and not find a single unique. For starts , its impossible in diablo 1, because the butcher will most definately drop a unique garunteed, as soon as you get to him.

As for diablo 2, again , sorry , but thats not happening. This system is a blatant sham against us players. And whats worse is, if im not finding anything with that game time clocked, the poor guys that just got installed , and start up with only 2 hrs a week to spare , will NEVER make any progress in this game.

Thats 100% a scam blizz .... way to turn the greatest game of all time, into the worst steaming pile of cow dung ever.

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^ Yeah stop raging so hard, and you'll be heard
You're either taking his words out of context, or misunderstanding their meaning.
If you don't like it, go play another game. I fail to see the problem with real time balancing of the economy.
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I don't understand the logic that drop rates need to be static to be fair. It isn't like the server is choosing who is going to get the drop, it is just adjusting the rates based on actual rarity on the server.

I'm all for a dynamic drop rate, it is more accurate to the rarity that the items are intended to be dropping at. This isn't just a simple single player game. Its beyond that format, and rightfully so.

Really, its so tired saying that "THIS ISN"T DIABLO."

It's just not Diablo 2. And if that is a huge problem, D2 still exists. You can play it.
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The 20 pages of 2-h Legendary Messerschmidt's Reaver would like a word for you.
"Plz gib me itamz Blizzord!!!"
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And I've found 3 legendaries in less play time. Please tell me how we're all being cheated. Random loot is random.
They aren't saying that the AH is changing the drop rates for an item every 30 seconds. They mean that if X item had .1% chance of dropping in D2 (static) it now has a .01% chance of dropping in D3 (also still static) only because X item is now a LOT easier to trade for.
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