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Blizzard Admits the AH affects Drop Rates


Do you guys who defend the AH really have more fun by buying items instead of finding them?
I don't understand the logic that drop rates need to be static to be fair. It isn't like the server is choosing who is going to get the drop, it is just adjusting the rates based on actual rarity on the server.

I'm all for a dynamic drop rate, it is more accurate to the rarity that the items are intended to be dropping at. This isn't just a simple single player game. Its beyond that format, and rightfully so.

Really, its so tired saying that "THIS ISN"T DIABLO."

It's just not Diablo 2. And if that is a huge problem, D2 still exists. You can play it.

The problem with that is that it forces basically forces us to use the AH...i personally enjoy the hunt for my own items....but if i have no chance of finding that item bc there are a bunch of them in the AH then whats the point of farming for my gear. I do not use the AH, especially with how buggy it is...I dont plan on ever using it or the RMAH for that matter. But they are basically forcing players to use it, which is not right
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05/29/2012 12:41 PMPosted by Anderys
They aren't saying that the AH is changing the drop rates for an item every 30 seconds. They mean that if X item had .1% chance of dropping in D2 (static) it now has a .01% chance of dropping in D3 (also still static) only because X item is now a LOT easier to trade for.

Exactly. The sad thing is the conspiracy nut, tinfoil hat wearing (complete with tinfoil hatted cat) are immune to reason.
It's pretty plain to see (provided OP is correct in his statement), that this is a ploy of some sort, to try and promote the real money AH option. GG :) Guess they need even more money .....sigh
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They set up a commodities market.
They control the supply of said commodities.
They control the need ( and therefor the demand ) of the commodities.
They get to charge a commission as a percentage of the trade value of the commodities.

Don't think anyone's had it this sweet since Enron set up energy markets and then routed energy out of California to create shortages and drive up prices and their profit.

I really think micro transaction games are just an excuse executives and finance people use to try their hand at being a game designer.
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My only question to the OP is you have been playing 170+ hours and the game has been out for only 2 weeks? Where is all this free time coming from? This does not also count rants on the D3 forums complaining about the game also.
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05/29/2012 12:41 PMPosted by Elo001
Do you guys who defend the AH really have more fun by buying items instead of finding them?

You find the gold right?

People who wax nostalgic about D2 trading are hypocrits because trading or barter in general is much more inefficient method then currency yet it's the same overall concept.
170 hours? It's been out 14 days. So you play 11-12 hours a day every day? Maybe take a step back...
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05/29/2012 12:34 PMPosted by Joped
If you don't like it, go play another game. I fail to see the problem with real time balancing of the economy.

If only our goverments could be so efficient :)
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