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Can't Log in, Error 3003


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Yes I did check the sticky, error 3003 is not covered. I try to log in and it gives me this error, other times it just says I was "disconnected."

Literally 4 hours ago before class I was able to log in.

Why do they not have a wait system like they had with overloaded WoW servers instead of all this buggy crap?
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same here it fu*** piss me off...whenever i try to play i got that stupid error and when i can finaly log in i got disconect before creating a character
05/15/2012 07:51 PMPosted by Lelouch
4 hours ago before class I was able to log in.

They just announced a system maintaince ingame, i guess it's becaus the servers now are offline, wait and see if they announce this quick stop and when the servers should be back
Same error. Says battle.net servers are in maintenance. See no post anywhere on the site indicating this. People are streaming live plays. I'm kind of upset as I was in the middle of a great 3-man party :( Now I can't even play.

C'mon blizzard. Even Starcraft II was handled like !@#$ with the Real ID and always-online thing, but even it offered an offline mode where you don't get achievements. Bah.
Just tested to connect to Asia server instead of Eu, works fine, just a server fix.. lets hope for a short break to strech out and get more coffe ;)
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I mean, how is people like Day 9 streaming right now and random guys like me cannot connect? We should be on the same North American server...

EDIT: Also my friend who lives in the same city as me says he can log in fine on the North American server.
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Im having the same 3003 error.. its been down for almost an hour now for me :(... and i thought they had a beta to fix all these damn issues...*sigh*
Error 3003 just minutes ago. My partner is still literally playing in the same game I was in and was kicked from. Now I'm getting error 75 (even though I know the service is up : / )!
just got this one, new error every log attempt
error 3003. yep.
I smell another maintanence incoming...
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me too. Im getting error 75.
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i have it too but i was on earlier today w np..
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Thank god this game was free in my annual pass or I would be asking for my money back, what a piece of junk. 12 years in development and 7 months in beta testing and they failed hard at the release. Such fail.
I can't get over the !@#$ Blizzard is putting its loyal fans through... We wait for 10 years for this F***ing game and now on launch day they don't even have their s**t together??? ANYONE KNOW WHY INTERNET CONNECTIVITY IS A REQUIREMENT??? How long before single player is available offline so we don't have to relive the beta weekend fiasco... "I've logged in great... now I'm going to play as much as I can until the servers go down again and I have to spend 3 hours hammering the login screen to play..." C'Mon Blizzard!! Stop treating your fans like pirates and give us offline options.
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Yep, now I'm getting it too. I was in the middle of a game with my husband when it disconnected me. Now I can't reconnect. And as I type this, he also got the same error. Oh well.
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I'd love a refund, I can't play a single player game because I can't connect to their service.
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