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Why is there no Diablo movie???

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Dear Blizzard,

After reaching Act 2 and watching your in-game cinematics, I would pay dearly for an IMAX ticket to a Diablo saga done in your cinematic-game style on the big screen. Your computer graphics rendering are just an inch short of perfection. And the direction (so far in what I've seen) is really good! Worthy of several directors efforts in Hollywood ...

Is there any consideration being made at all for a full-length film? And not a live-actor film. One done in your particular style. That would rock hardcore!

Kudos to your rendering and art direction team for making a really great story. So far. :) Loving the game.

Thank you!
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just how there is is no warcraft movie yet after it was announced like 4 years ago
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i agree with this! make movies! i love it! :D
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You seriously think this is a good story? I mean, it has cool aspects, but overall it is the most mind-numbing bit of silliness I've ever encountered.

All the villains do their thing in the background, randomly popping up to remind you of their antics while you were out doing something else, esstentially a 'nanny-nanny-boo-boo' situation. And then to have a new, weak baddie villain kill the most iconic character in the franchise while you just stand there (omnipresent, not actually in the room if you notice in the cutscene).

It really is bad writing.
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Wow movie will come first and then idk if they ever will make movies.
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The cinematics in Diablo 3 are probably the best thing in this game. I'd really love to watch a movie about the game, but I don't think it will ever be done since Blizzard is a game productor and not a realisator :p
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i think diablo would be an amazing movie i absolutely love the heaven and hell story...only problem i find is diablo 1 came out in like 96 or 97 i think most people would be kinda lost if they are just coming into the game or i know a lot of people only played 2 and honestly most people i know just skip right through the whole story which i could never do, warcraft not so much i could see that maybe being a tv series would be cool..i would see that more for kids tho.
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I would wager that the cinematics were mo-capped. Games like Diablo, in my opinion shouldn't be live action. Mo-capping, similar to Beowulf, would work much better.

Diablo universe lore is the best amongst any video game I've ever played or read on. I think a great film could be done on Diablo 1.
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If it was done with a good director and big budget LOTR style it could be awesome. Heck, a SC2 movie could be good too.
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sc2 movie comes first.
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05/15/2012 10:13 PMPosted by Talinor
I would pay dearly for an IMAX ticket to a Diablo saga done in your cinematic-game style on the big screen.

You clearly weren't taught the value of a dollar.
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I actually rather like the storytelling from Blizzard already. If they make a movie, then they can put more effort into the plot since they don't have to worry about gameplay. Hopefully, if they do come through with the WoW film, they'll prove to you naysayers that they can do it right.
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Although I too feel Blizzard's latest cinematic rendering is close to perfection, and a D3 movie would truly be a feast, can you imagine the workloads behind 120mins of awesome CG? Judging by experience it will take them bliz guys 2-5 years from announcement to finally polished and hit the theatre, with a slight chance of movie production being indifintely postponed.
And it will probably be a trilogy, with the last two movies requiring you to show you first movie stub in order to enter the theatre.

It is still a great idea! Not neccesarily have to be identical to any D3 act story. It could be a magnified side quest, like a trail to Xiansai or Ivgorod, anyplace not exploited enough. Or the entire quest for that Dirgest Gem! (on an unrelated note, "god" in Chinese is phonetically spelled as "Shen" ;)
Or even a race with Adria to acquire a Xel'Naga artifact. XD I can imagine the female wizard character says "This is Li-Ming, find Adria." In the first move trailer.

If the a D3 movie does come out, the action scenes will be one of the spotlights. Different classes using all their astonishing skills cooperatively. But I wonder which class will be cutoff, SINCE THERE CAN ONLY BE FOUR!
Seriously blizzard? Are you implying that hallways in D3 are half as wide as in D2?
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Even Wrath was amazing. It doesn't have to be ultra-realistic to convey messages and that one proved it.

Hire animators. The direction is important and you already have that. Whoever is the creative mind behind the Diablo cinematics is a damn genius.
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It would be awesome to say the least.

All Blizzard franchises have incredible lore and potential behind them waiting to be explored and put on silver screen.

As there were this hype going on for years when TLOTR first launched, it can be achieved again and even to a greater degree.

They are aiming to achieve this purpose starting with the first Warcraft movie.

How it will turn out to be, and how the reception will be, will be the deciding factor for launching a new area of success for them and Blizzzard madness may jump to the silver screen as well afterwards.

İmagine Warcraft movie exceeds 1 billion dollar mark next year...

If this happens, then the machine will start, without ever slowing down.

If Blizz can make Warcraft work, if they can capture the essence of the glorious achievements and hype of the game itself, if Blizz can transform this video game success to theaters, then, we will be served with Diablo trilogy...

But, in between, just for the sake of variety Blizz may opt to jump start a Starcraft trilogy after the Warcraft one...

Because Diablo and Warcraft, albeit being very different lore and structure wise, at the end of the day, they are both medieval fantasy based.

So, if Warcraft succeeds and turns into a trilogy, Blizz, as i said, may start working on a Starcraft movie and a possible trilogy of Starcraft...


Just imagine Blizzard managing to acquire a stronghold on Hollywood, a Blizzard hype going all over the world, just like Marvel cinematic universe, just like Avengers...


Then comes the heavy hitter, the end of all things, then comes the Diablo with all it's glory, to the silver screen.

This progression might be inverted of course.

Maybe Starcraft comes last.

If you ask me, Starcraft is the masterpiece, magnum opus of Blizzard's universes, the best 2 games Blizzard ever produced...

Starcraft and Starcraft 2, with their expansions, are the pinnacle of game making.

Such incredible talent, such ingenuity behind the game mechanics, behind the game balance, behind the online competitiveness, behind the art-work, behinde the settings, behind the lore.

A masterpiece of a space opera.

Maybe in sales, it is the lowest one behind Warcraft ( Wow to be precisely accurate ) and Diablo 1,2 and 3, but in creativity and potentially the best one amongst them.

I don't understand why people always whining about Starcraft being ripped off of Warhammer 40K universe...

For a starting point, they got some basic structures from this universe, but they expanded on it in such a way, now in comparison Warhammer 40K pales...

Orks in space? Really, su much lameness...

It's 40.000 a.d and people are religious fanatics, lunatics fighting with automated chainsaw swords through out the galaxy?


Lameless all over in comparison to Starcraft...

Zerg's are ripped off from Tyranid?

For god's sake, just look at the masterful design of each zerg creature, look at the Hydralisk's artworks...



They all have way above high quality designs than Warhammer, artworks, iconic characters like J.Raynor, Arctrus Mengsk, Kerrigan, Tassadar, Fenix, Zeratul, Samir Duran, and many others...

Starcraft took inspritations from Warhammer 40K universe and then put in so much creativity, so much artistic style and work to their universe.

That's why Warhammer 40K games are nothing compared to Starcraft games.

Because Starcraft is so unique in so many ways, it blows the Warhammer 40K universe out of the water...

And to be heard, sayin Starcraft is a rip off of Warhammer 40k is the same thing as saying Warcraft universe is a rip off of TLOTR universe...

It's ludicrious, nonsense...

Everything inspires from something.

It's what you create with your inspirations that makes you original, unique.

And for my final words, i may be wrong about Diablo movies coming last.

A Starcraft trilogy would require at least 750 million dollars each to be displayed perfectly on the screen.

It would require a very generous budget to be fair.

I always saw Starcraft and Mass Effect universes rivaling Star Wars on the big screen, enough with the old sci-fi operas already.

If done perfectly a Starcraft trilogy, a Mass Effect trilogy would blow Star Wars out of the water...

For Diablo?

Diablo is so unique for a medieval fantasy setting.

It's lore, source material are otherworldy good.

Diablo movies would feel so fantastic and otherworldy on silver screen.
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It needs to live action through like, there doing with WOW!
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The story roots could lead to something brilliant, but what we saw in the games....well, I think that what we saw in D3 was pretty dull. If it was taken directly as is and created into a feature (animated or live), I think it would be panned.

Biggest problem, IMO, would be that the most powerful protagonists (the player characters of each game) not having any character depth whatsoever. The ones that were fleshed out were the characters of the lore. Of those, I'll argue that Tyrael was fleshed out the most. Therefore, viewers cared about him and his actions. The Evils and (to a lesser extent) the other Angels were also fleshed out this way. That's why the animated short Wrath was successful.

Hmm. And I take back what I said about the D1 protagonists partially. Aidan, Blood Raven, and The Summoner were retconned into villains.

Show me the D2 or D3 classes as legit characters with personalities and real interactions, then take that and make a movie in Blizzard's epic style that fits in with the overall story that has been made through the games. Or hell, even side stories explaining some of the lore for those specific classes. THOSE would would be winners, I think.
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