Diablo® III

at first I loved WD... now not so much

Witch DR is so OP from level 20-30. Too easy.

It's still fun though.
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So far I've been finding WD pretty easy. Lvl 17 in Act 2, only come close to dying maybe once. Pretty much let Templar/dogs tank, SH and spam the biggin firebat and finish with darts if need be. Maybe a haunt here and there if I remember. It's fun because it requires being very mobile, I'm always moving around to line guys up for shooting the bats, so I hardly get hit. Helped alot on the Act 1 endboss too. Only real annoyance so far is the plague dogs seem to die pretty quick and the cooldown seems to take forever.
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I just played through every act with my WD, I probably used Soul Harvest once the entire game. Anybody that dropped into my game that wasn't WD was commenting on what a machine it was. I had no real issue at any point, in fact with the last boss battle I was the only one surviving long enough to revive everybody else.
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WD absolutely rocks. The power you have is only visible after level 29.

Do this rotation, ready dogs, ready gargantuan, run into huge pack, cast soul harvest, run out and at the same time cast the AOE slow, fire-bombs away. All dead.
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I went back to dog dogs and grasping... I just dont like the firebats so far... I also switched from spiders to exploding frogs...those things do better damage overall for about the same mana... honestly I cant wait for firebombs over spiders or frogs.

funny thing is I have not died to a boss or miniboss yet... its the elite packs that get me. The dogs do great as speed bumps on bosses then when they die I just use the grasping circle to snare theboss while I run around sending frogs/spiders and templar pecks at him.

Maghda was easy as hell... send frogs hit soul harvest when she spawned adds then back to frogs...
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