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Video Card Not Supported FIX !

the guide fixed the problem but another error has occured it wont even let me open diablo 3 i even tried to restart the compter but the result is the same. PLZ HELP!!!!
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Sweet merciful heaven!!!
Thank you thank you thank you!!!
Quite literally just returned from buying 2 copies of DIII AND a new gaming mouse for my son & I (who have been playing since the original Diablo)...and his laptop wouldnt play...let's talk about teen angst...he could have melted cement with the anger ... we tried all of the above but the 3rd one worked.
Bless you Ganasoth.

Totally agree that Blizzard needs to make an official statement!!!!
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When i do all that (esc then fix lines) i go to try it but i get the video card message and esc and the 1/4 gray screen. Maybe i didnt change the file in the notpad right but idk
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Ok, been playing just fine since above...& now the latest patch has killed my son's computer. We are running all the windows & IE updates available & waiting with baited breath for you to resolve this new problem. Please help Ganasoth!!! You are our only hope!!!
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Check your D3Prefs file as referenced in this topic. The patch updated my settings back and I had to redo this process.
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Low FPS occurring, Iam using GeFOrce 9500 GT is this card not supported?
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saaaaame here
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I did all 4 steps, but I still get the white screen after I start the game. Do you have any ideas what can I do to make it work?
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I too have a question. After the esc. Launch diablo won't seem to run. After relaunching I get the message It is already running. Any ideas? Everything else is done, but should I just reinstall?
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thanks bro been trying to get this to work for like 3 days now!
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Hey guys !
I have a problem on my laptop with diablo 3 , i have 2 videocards in my laptop an integrated intel videocard and a better one geforce gt 520MX , so the game is starting with the inegrated one i dont know why , because i always set this to my geforce ( even its starts with the poor one if i choose to start with the high performance geforce graphic card ) please help me i dont know what is it because i played this game some months ago on my laptop and runned well with my geforce but now i just cant start the game with this videocard .
Please tell me some suggestions :D thx a lot !
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All right, I'll post here too.

Anyone know if this will still work with RoS?
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For anyone wondering, this fix still does the trick. Got the game to run on my dads laptop, Mobile Intel 4 series.

Thanks OP, well played!

03/25/2014 02:33 PMPosted by Lancer
All right, I'll post here too.

Anyone know if this will still work with RoS?

Yeah, i did it with RoS just then :)
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Why can't i add -launch to the application?It says the name in the target box is not valid.
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Did you put a space before the -launch after the last " on the line?

That should allow it to work, but I'll caution you, this isn't going to make an unsupported card into a supported one. They're classified that way for a reason. Even if you can get it to seemingly run, you will encounter occasions where it won't.

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Well thanks for the advice.It worked but still the game is just not running.I mean I played it for like 1 year without any fix and i just reinstalled my windows yesterday and Boom.I mean when i double click the shortcut it shows me the image of D3 RoS but then nothing..so D3Prefs is not showing.
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well none of what you says work for me and im running win 7 ultimate intel chip family
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