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No rare for first kill of Skelton King?

I just killed the skeleton king for the first time and did not receive a rare item... is this just very bad luck on my part?
I also have noticed that some of the blue items I have salvaged are giving me the tooth that you are supposed to get for rare items... is this just random?
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From what I understand you should get 1 rare on your first Skeleton King kill on Normal mode. Could just be bad luck, or maybe you were grouped with someone who had killed him already? I know loot should be unique to each player, but I suppose it could be a factor.

You can definitely get the rare tooth from salvaging blue items, not sure on the % chance but for me it has been 1 tooth for every 30 or so of the blue components.
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get used to it.. the big epic battles with hell act 4 diablo and him droping garbage items as if u just beat a lone quill rat in normal act1. bosses drop trash. i dislike this way they went. really takes the ufunnkknnnnnnnnnnkjghb !@#$%^ itsorry
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05/16/2012 05:36 PMPosted by Redeemèr
after a hour fight of fighting diablo in nightmare, of wipping and trying different strat, he dropped 2 blues for everyone and that's normal. I've never seen a rare drop from a "story"-boss of all 10 acts i've been in.

Rare's dropped from every boss in normal the first time. so um you're FOS :)

I'm not sure that is correct... My situation was first character, first skeleton king kill, playing solo: Only 3 blues... NO yellow/rare.
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they all dropped at least one rare for me on first kill. in act 1. butcher dropped 2 both demon hunter bows... im a monk. all i seem to get is demon hunter crap. i have about 10 million blue or rare quivers
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A few things.

I got two rares from skeleton king. I was wearing high magic drop modifier equipment. When I went back to get more, I got no yellows the second time. Have not tried the third but looking like just bad luck your time around.

I also got a rare item from a chest before skeleton king and had a merchant in a side quest sell me a rare item. I think some of this is up to chance so don't feel like you can't go back and play that portion of the quest again. Just leave game and then change quest to an earlier step and repeat.

I think the more rare elite items are the better. At least to a degree. You don't want the auction house to have reduced value if everyone has legendary items. There always has to be a risk of breaking items to further increase their value but if you do that, make sure the bonuses are worth the risk.

Lastly, not getting a rare you can use is still a good thing. I think if you look at the achievements Diablo 3 is meant to be played by multiple character classes even though you may have 1 main. On your other character you may end up getting a rare for your main so it works out.
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Yep, bad luck on your part. I got two rare one handed weapons when I killed the skeleton king on normal.
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I got 2 rare weps. Definitely bad luck for you
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Sounds like bad luck. I beat the Skeleton king on normal with a WD and got 1 rare - gloves but I then beat the Spider Queen and got the same, 1 x rare gloves. I also wasn't seeing any special items for the WD until after the Skeleton King either, ie masks, dolls etc. Took ages to finally get a magical sage mask.
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When I killed the Skeleton king the first time, I lucked out and got two rares specific for my witch docotor. However, when I went down below to talk to the (thing below-won't spoil it for those who haven't been there yet) Blizzard servers went down for maintenance. When I finally logged back on, the rares were gone but the quest was completed. I am at level 20 and feel I have recieved my fair share of rare items since then.
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I fought the skeleton king and got only blues the 1st time but went and beat act one and the Bucher droped me 2 rare's.

As far as drops from bosses, im willing to bet they can drop rares and better even after 1st battle its most likely a reduced chance though. and its a good thing if its like that because it will limit the AH clutter and make the more rare items more valuable.

Also a note: I have gotten a few yellows just out a random dead body or other type of lootable object (besides a chest). So rares and better just seem to be random for the most part.
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just bad luck....my first kill i got no rares either and my friend got 2
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Hmm ive gotton rares for every boss fight so far. But from playing solo and public games i figured that public has a much higher rare drop rate. Possibly because all the players MF stacks? Maybe....
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Doom Feast droped for me on the skeleton king lol a rare
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Loot is random.....rares drop off anything (have had them off a body etc)

Mostly not for my class tho :P

Bonus is ive already got Black Mushy and Shinbone and i have just been playing...no farming.

Its all random
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