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I dont understand this $&#$ - Belial Fight

I threw on a shield and a +Vit ring so I could survive an explosion or two. Sometimes he really blasts like an entire half of the platform and you need to be able to survive long enough to get out and get to an orb. The drop in dps didn't hurt too badly.
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you're getting hit 3-4 times? back to the "stay out of the fire" strat..... don't stand in big green circles.........

If i could get hit 3 - 4 times i would get throught if you read properly I said I was getting 1 shotted.

Ne ways, I finally beat it, thanks to smoke screen and rapid fire. Thanks for the tips guys.
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"You do 0 dps if you are dead".

"You do 0 dps if you are dead".

"You do 0 dps if you are dead".

"You do 0 dps if you are dead".

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I had to solo him last night, but I had around 5.3k hp so pretty much everything in P3 one shot me. Just be sure to dodge the pounds (indicated by large green circles) and not get trapped on one of the edges during green pool phase. Also, you should be able to avoid the breaths by being on either end (I chose the right side).

Simply put, I solo'd him not getting hit by a single thing during P3. He went down by the time the second green pool phase was done. I could've made it easier by getting to 8k hp (won't get 1 shot anymore) and saved myself from several deaths, but I wanted a challenge.

P.S. My latency hovers anywhere from 150-300 ms.
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lol smokescreen is your best friend vs belail. 1 shot on NM with 4, pretty much the res !@#$% for that fight because people get caught by the green exploding ^-*!.
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Stay all the way to the right side of the platform. During his first attack (when he slams his arms down on the ground) let the first one hit, then the second, and before he slams both arms down run towards the middle so he misses you.

Always be attacking.

During the breath attack, staying all the way to the right will keep you out of harms way, and during the poison pools just run around and don't get hit.

As long as you stay all the way to the right, manage to avoid his 3rd arm attack, and dont get hit by ANY of the poison-explodey pools, you should be good.
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the easy way to d0 it is to just nerf your damage down to like 1k dps and buff your health to 10k
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One thing that made it fairly easy is using Caltrops around the edge of the platform, just throw a bunch down with the damage addon + duration passive. It's a lot of set it and forget it damage you can put down on him so you can concentrate on moving out of the green stuff.
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I was lower level for this fight, so I didnt have sentry or bat. I just ran back and forth around the outer edge dodging fists and circles and pausing to spam split chakrams. I died a few times at first because any hit from him or his goo killed me instantly.
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Everybody says to just run out of the green stuff, but... how about the phase where there's green circles all over the darn floor? There's nowhere to go, and the DH dies far too easily.
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As others said smoke bomb is your friend so abuse it. I had a lot of trouble with this fight until I changed my abilities ti the following :

Smoke screen with the increased duration and prep for defense just use it durning the green pool phase and take no damage.
I used impale with chemical burn and hungering arrow(not at home and totally forget the reall name) with cinder arrow. These two dots are great.

Avoid the breath by going as far to the top as possible on the sides and avoid the arms do damage when you are safe. I did most my damage while using smoke screen in the green pool phase.

This fight is super easy once you pick the right skills and tactics
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Three second smoke screen + preperation with the 60% heal is my best friend. Finished NM last night. Have been using that combo for a while.
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I was having troubles last night but this morning I got a better set of weapons off the auction house and 1 shot him. Just vault when you see the warning on the ground and keep moving until you have a very clear opening and/or full rage. My current spec is:
I have ball lightning set to one of my mouse buttons. Whenever I attacked I either used impale for max damage or hungering arrow to build rage.
During the puddle phase dont bother trying to attack him. Just stay safe and click the ground where it's clear until it's over.

As for stats I was probably at like 600 dex 550 vit.
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Smoke screen > belial
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