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My WD input so far (50)

I've been toying around with my WD, and I just gotta say that they're awesome. So far I'm 50 and I'm toying around in hell at the moment (with ease). Personally I run the HS-> exploding toad build, and I like it so far. Personally I've found great success in prioritizing vitality before intelligence. You get more than enough damage from your HS, and with your vitality build you'll never get gibbed by an aoe/cc chain from a large angry mob (Had 15k health at level 30, lol). You'll never die (so to speak), at least I haven't done so.


I've read a few threads regarding pets and followers (especially about how mediocre they are). So far, the dogs still die pretty "fast" (that's with 1.6k armor etc.), but they're still (and will always be) worth it due to the meat-shield factor - and they aren't -that- bad.

I've also seen inputs on how terrible followers are, and I just gotta ask - are you trolling? The followers aren't intended for damage, but utility - and they're really good at that. I recently started using a templar (been co-oping so far) - gave him a shield, sword and two rings. Those items, made him end up on a whooping 25k health (vitality items), and that's just with sub-par items. Now, 25k health alone makes him really tough - add in his utility and you don't have to question if a follower is viable or not.

Can't wait till I hit 60 and start decking out both me and my templar, it'll be fun to see how strong my pets and followers will end up. WDs are awesome, and totally worth it!
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Gives good encouragement.. Thanks for the post :)
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Very cool build, its good to hear you aren't having too much trouble with hell. I am in nightmare and to be honest, I do better and die less solo than in groups... not sure what that says lol
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Groups can be tough for WDs, because you're usually so fragile that aoe can pretty much 1-shot you (which is what lead me to my vitality route).

My builds are always contemporary, and I change out stuff according to where I am, who I'm with and the difficulty etc. Once I get more experienced I might share my "knowledge", but for now I'll just mess around :)
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Hey Set,

I like the style of your build. I'm lowly Act 2 normal mode lvl 16.

I'm loving grasp, and spirit walk, soul harvest, and know the big guy is a must.

I think I like others are underestimating the meat shield factor or the dogs regardless that they die quickly.

Can you go into more detail about your choice for frogs and your rune? I really apprecaite the direct damage for champions/bosses of poision darts. I'm also seeing people swear up and down that spamming spiders is OP, and Dire Bats are more OP. Thoughts on why toads? pros/cons of each primary?
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I prefer the toads (exploding ones) because of the very high damage output -and- low mana cost. With the level 40 passive you'll never go oom.

Spiders are a great choice early on, but they fall off on damage after a few levels. Dire bats are great, but compared to toads they cost a lot more mana and will make you oom very quick (especially without your level 40 passive, which is why I prefer toads over bats).

Also, with toads you can use the pierce the veil passive to deal even more damage. This is the build I currently use. As for the dogs, they're really great meatshield - on top of that with the final gift rune you can use them to regain health (works great when you're kiting some of the more scary stuff).

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