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Please nerf Soul harvest !

Did u guys notice he said he is on nightmare...? Ofcourse it's op on low level lets say his int is 250, 5 stacks adds 650, his damage went from 250% to 850% great buff right? But when u reach inferno with good gear, you'll have 1400 int, so from 1400% to 2050% isn't S great as before when ur damage more than double... Play till inferno then judge the skill please ts
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It's a really good skill, especially with the rune Soul to Waste.

It allows for you to focus a bit more on other stats while maintaining 50 all res and a ton of extra damage.
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Oh, you just beated nightmare? Please tell me, how pro you are...
Seriously, when you get to inferno, SH and SW will be your essentials, until then, you can solo the game with 500hp and 2k dps
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LOL!!! Kid on NM crying to nerf soul harvest!!! Wait til u get ur pipper wet some more b4 u cry on nerfing. Inferno is nothing like NM.
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Its funny, because before the game went live (and even for a couple of days after), all the theorycrafters were spamming doom-and-gloom threads about how SH was so obviously overpowered that it was quite clearly 100% necessary to all WD builds, any WD who didn't include SH was obviously gimping themselves, and therefore the skill was "broken" because it was so good it was mandatory.

Kind of like how VQ + bears was "mandatory" for a while.

I was tempted at several points to post threads asking the people who were insisting it would be mandatory to comment on the skill now that we've seen how Inferno is, but there are better ways to troll ;)
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05/17/2012 11:57 AMPosted by Banff
I'm gonna call you out and say this whole post is bullsht. I have the best yellows and in act nm i was unable to run up to a pack of 'elites' as you claim and 1 shot with a 5 stack harvest. As a matter of fact, i would dare to wager if you ran into a pack of elites, you'd promptly get 2 shot... IF that.

I believe it since he said in NIGHTMARE mode, my WD have decent resist and over 600 LOH I can SW into an elite pack in hell, cast MC, Fetish army (ambush) and spam ROT and not really have my health drop. It gets tricky with packs that have stun/freeze, Molten/plague/Arcane Sentry to some extend cause my LOH is not high enough.

Inferno though that's a different story, there's very little packs don't have one of those attribute I mention above hence I will get kill if I don't kite. NM, Hell, possible, In inferno I will NOT run into a crowd to soul harvest them, that extra 650 Int just not big enough of a boost to make that huge difference
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Not saying soul harvest sucks, but it wasn't what was making the game easy for you. Almost anything can make nightmare easy. Nightmare is easy. The end.

5 pages? Really? Nightmare difficulty, /thread.
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... check the dates you guys.

Stop necro'ing threads just because Witch Doctors are substitute Necromancers...
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Logged in just to down rate. Quit trolling and go away.
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nerf soul harvest? ffs wait til inferno dumb !@#
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