Diablo® III

Post your level and DPS

For those that don't know your DPS is located on the inventory window
And say if you have buff on or off
(trying to gender stand what's high and what's low)

Lv 48 @ 2800ish
With buff
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Lvl 52 @ 5.8k with buff
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lvl 34, 2k with buff
lvl 51, 5.771 with Familiar - Sparkflint
05/17/2012 05:11 PMPosted by INCHymn
lvl 34, 2k with buff

S/S that please. I'm level 40 at 2k with buff so. I'm doing something wrong.
Oh wow... I'm lvl 34 with 600 - INCHymn must be doing something right
lvl37 1080 DPS
Thank you for this thread btw. Good to see where other people are. I know my DPS is low since I was maxing out on MF at first. lvl 37 DPS 1K
05/17/2012 04:58 PMPosted by Weenter
Lvl 52 @ 5.8k with buff

Quite literally mine, as well.
100 Human Mage
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Level 35, 426 DPS

wow I suck. :(

I wish you could see what gear other people have on so I can figure out what I'm doing wrong.
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Level 60, 12K DPS (without buffs).
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is the dps damage or is there a specific spot that says dps
53, 5.9k in dps spec. 2.2k in tank spec
lvl 53, ~9k DPS w/ glass cannon spec
How can you have 2k at lv 34 when I'm 40 and barely hitting 1k....
Im level 25 and have 94.35 is that even correct?
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Level 58, 14k, without the Sparkflint though. I'd love to have it, but I just can't spare the ability slot for it with how unforgiving hell is.
Can people post their gear also, so we get an idea what gear to get?
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Your weapon is probably the biggest factor into your DPS, I'm using a random blue 600 DPS staff I got off the auction house,
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Lvl32. 1.2k dps.

To anybody having trouble reaching higher dps numbers. Try the auction house, you can get some really solid items without paying much at all. I've never paid more than 3k gold for any item so far. If I hadn't used the AH at all my dps would probably be closer to around 600~.

Basic Tips for what you should look for. This applies to loot you find or craft as well. Don't have to use the AH, it's just a bit easier to find exactly what you want there.

- A weapon with high base damage, a decent +damage boost, and a socket. Put your best red gem in the socket. This gem makes a HUGE difference at earlier levels.
- As much +intellect on armor peices as possible, this is the simplest way to improve dps with armor and it's very effective.
- For jewelery try to find items with +damage and +intellect. It may be hard to get both however so if not settle for one or the other, damage is usually better if you have to choose.
- Don't completely ignore defence. Grab at least a few items with good vitality boosts. If you can find armors with both vitality and intellect on the same piece this is best.

There are other stats that improve damage, such as crit and attack speed. But those are a little more specalized and you should have a plan for them if you are going to persue them.
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