Diablo® III

Post your level and DPS

level 60
dps with self buffs: 27,000
HP 27,000
resistances 50% or better to all elements
progress act 2 inferno
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lvl 35
1.2k dps no buffs
3.5k life
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Lvl 38 @1750 DPS weapon buff only /w 3.2k hp
How to improve your DPS if it's bad -

Attack speed boosts your dps tremendously.

Rings and amulets that give damage (IE, +6-12 damage) are incredible for increasing your dps output.

Stack as much intellect as you can.

If you have a lot of + damage gear (high DPS weapon, rings and amulet with damage increasers) then intellect and attack speed are going to increase your dps a LOT.

It's best to get a little bit of everything. Get some damage gear, get some attack speed gear, and stack a lot of int. If you stack too much, too much int, or too much attack speed your dps will suffer. For example, if you have 5000 dps and you don't have any attack speed items yet, a 10% attack speed increase will boost you to 5500. But if you're at 5000 dps and you already have 30-40% attack speed, another 10% isn't going to help that much, and it's better to get some damage or int.
Funny thing is, if you increase your Attack speed, it isn't actually making you do more damage per spell... instead you're just doing more damage per minute... So I think the DPS indicator is quite misleading. If I am using Arcane Orb, and I increase my Attack speed, it's not exactly going to increase the damage my Arcane Orb does? Or does it?
Level 60, 25101 DPS.
I'm now at 60 with 27k damage. 39.8k hp. 55% resistance.

act 2 inferno.
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Level 47 with 2.8k DPS with buffs (Force Weapon, Glass Cannon, Sparkflint Familiar) before Cold Blooded. With CB it's probably something like 3.5k.

I have like 7k hp only on the other hand (using Frost Nova and Diamond Skin to keep myself alive).
Level 27 808dps (weap buff only) 2.4k hp. 10k worth of Ah stuff and gems, makes life easy.
level 56 wizard
10.5k unbuffed. 13.6? if i use the weapon buff

level 56 Witcth doctor
11.5k unbuffed.
Level 58.5 8.4k with buff. 26.6k hp
Level 49 - 2.7k
Probably around 3k with Magic Weapon
Level 60 - 24k dps with force weapon, 30k hp
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60, 24k
100 Human Warlock
Posts: 92
level 60, 33k dps with force weapon, 6k hp, progress late act 3 inferno
29k hp
29k dps

Start of Act 3 Inferno
just got to 60

12000 dps
Posts: 6
Lvl 60
26K HP
48% Magic Find so far
35% resist
Just started Act I Inferno
Level 48
2.5K DPS
14.5K HP
28% Resist
Midway through Act 3 Nightmare
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