Diablo® III

Post your level and DPS

lvl 60 20k w/o buff 29k with magic weapon 31k with familiar

My only problem is that im so soft if not for Force Armor i'd be dead in 1 hit
I just hit 56. A2 of Hell.

21k Health
7.5k DPS w/ Magic Weap (Force Weap) -- listed


There are probably some adjustments for me to make, but honestly, I haven't really had any big problems in Hell so far.

Are people multiplying using their Int and what not, is that why people are posting 40k DPS?
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lvl 33 1K DPS 5K HP so far.

I will search for +% speed att of weapon and gloves to increase DPS.
LVL 60 14K DPS 7K HP lol
Dont hv enough gold to buy nice weapon!!! so expensive
90 Human Mage
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level 44 11k health 2.4k dps
Level 35, 426 DPS

wow I suck. :(

I wish you could see what gear other people have on so I can figure out what I'm doing wrong.

With time, you'll be able to. I seem to remember Blizz stating that they planned to release this feature on their website post-release.
I am also doing a few things incorrectly as I don't fully understand how the mechanics work yet. I don't worry, though. I'll learn over time and the discovery of it all will be fun.

Level 49, 2.1k DPS w/ MW Buff
Lvl 49

2.4k without buff

3.4k with buff (Magic Weapon)

Could be higher if I focused my gear on DPS, but I have also gone with Vit (melee wizard) so have 23k HP
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55 W/ 14K buffed. 20k hp.
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Level 55, a tad bit over 8000 DPS with Buffs. Auction house is your friend people.
Level 50, 4.8kdps. 9kish HP. Still in NM.

Every item I wear has +int, most have +vit, though honestly, 9k isn't that much to get excited about. In hell, I'm sure I'm gonna be one-shot fodder.
Level 52 14.6k DPS now

For those of you lagging behind in the DPS deptartment, I put a 406 DPS X-bow on the AH for half what I paid for it. It's level 55 with Reduced Level Requirement -4, so you can use it at level 51.

Any time you upgrade your weapon as you level you should be searching for higher level weapons with the Reduced Level Requirement modifier, it's a huge help.
lvl 60 4.1k hp, 20,010dps...with 15% magic wep rune, ill have to check with sparkflint too.
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Hey, the DPS of a wizard is a combination of the dps of your weapon and all the items you wear that does plus damage. The math gets a bit more complex depending on which skills you use, but most people just read the DAMAGE amount off their character sheet.

I think people should also post their armor value along side their damage.

Level 55, 6500 DPS with buffs,
3400 Armor with energy armor

If your want your DPS to get higher, spend an hour or so on the auction house and find that perfect weapon.
lvl 60 31k Health 8.5k DPS 3.3k Armor

don't use magic weapon/sparkflint/glass canon
101 Worgen Mage
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Level 50, 7.5k dps ~ 9k health

Damage is based on DMG modifier multiplying against your intelligence. I see people all the time that just go for as much int as they can get and use a poor weapon, or load out int on rings when the 4-8 damage rings from lower levels would be a large DPS boost due to their high int pools.

Another thing to watch for is % increase to attack speed. I usually keep it on my rings and amulet along with + DMG modifiers.

Now if they would just make + DMG searchable in the AH...
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Level 45, 4349 DPS.
Just hit 40 when I completed Act I NM.

My DPS, apparently, is pretty low: 1300 DPS, 3.5-4.5k Health. However, I burned through Act 1 without any deaths (including quite a few Champion/Elite Packs) in about 1 hour.

The spec I'm using is:

Probably unorthodox, but it works for me: I lighting blast the enemies down (stuns pretty frequently) and Disintegrate them for the +395% explosion. If things get really hairy, I'll pop Archon right on top of them for +450% with the pummeling attack/Jean-greay-beam-of-death ability.

I use Diamond Skin as an offensive CD, for the 7 AP reduction on my Disintegrate beam, which makes it almost infinite for 6 seconds. I'll pop Hydras when I need more DPS against single target. If I'm going up against a boss, I'll change out Disintegrate for either Ray of Frost with the +280% damage Rune or Arcane Orb with Obliteration Rune.

So far, it's worked really, really well for me: most enemies die instantly. I do get hit, but not long, nor very often. I'm thinking of upgrading my weapon, though my Rings/Amulets are in need of the most upgrade: no + damage on either of them and pretty low level.

My weapon is 60 DPS, (6-7 damage, 40ish int, socketed for 10-20 damage); offhand is 10-17 damage (20ish int, socketed with int) and all my gear has int, of some value, on it with vitality.
I only have 100k gold, after spending about 150k for the Whimsyshire staff... so I'll probably try and get through Act II before another gear upgrade.
Level 29 - 510 DPS, 1.5k health
LVL 55, 14K buffed, 26K health
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