Diablo® III

Post your level and DPS

100 Goblin Shaman
Posts: 272
Lvl 40 2300 dps Buffed
Posts: 67
Lvl 55 3.3k dps, 3.6k armor, 16k hp
lvl 44 5k dps buffed
Posts: 1
lvl 55, dps spec 12.6k dmg, 18k life, 2.7k armor
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lvl 46 1600dps buffed (only act 2 of nightmare). I know im undergeared for my level but I helped a lot of friends out in normal nightmare so i'm just going through nightmare myself now.
Level 38 - 6k Heath - 1900 dps (buffed).
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85 Draenei Shaman
Posts: 36
Level 60 - 5k health - 38k dps
47 - 3k dps
Ok I'm level 50 so I have only 2805 DPS unbuffed atm, with 981 INT and 677 Vit. I think I'm at 3,700ish dps when I'm buffed and just started Act 1 in Hell and have no problems SO FAR.

And also what build do you guys recommend for Hell-Inferno?
And should I ditch my equips with Vit and use Energy Armor instead? How much Int should I have for level 50? 55? and 60?
05/22/2012 09:55 AMPosted by Gannikus23
are not the same thing.
I know their not the same, I meant a build for hell AND inferno obviously
90 Human Mage
Posts: 70
60 - 24k Life, 21k Damage

5-stack farming Warden/Butcher in Inferno
Posts: 12,521
Level 35, 362 DPS, 3600ish hp.

Though it is surprising to see people at my level with 6+ times the DPS rating. I didn't think the AH would make THAT big a difference.

It took me about 10 minutes game time to kill Butcher on NM. I'd imagine AH players kill him in under 2.
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Posts: 1
Level 60 21k DPS, 16k-ish HP

Butcher i did under two minutes on solo-inferno, hes actually not terribly difficult, its the damn fire floor that gets ya. Act 2 is still too hard for me as of yet, but it will be defeated.
lvl 60 with about 12k dps unbuffed and 17.3k buffed with 22-24k hp
For people who have more than 10k dps.. could you post what weapon you guys have.

Im still on the dilemma on whats better 1 hand or 2 hand.

Currently 55. 6800 DPS
20k HP
No Glass cannon
With Force weapon
Edited by FiberClouds#6210 on 5/22/2012 11:06 AM PDT
lvl 52 @ 5.3k with buff
Level 60
4.7k Hp
43K Dps (will be a lot more tonight, probably in the 50's)
Glass cannon and force weapon being used.

Edit : Act 1 is on farm in Inferno, Act 2 is being worked on although I don't anticipate any walls. I should move directly into A3 today.
Edited by JSquiggle#1769 on 5/22/2012 11:17 AM PDT
Lvl 60@ 8.46 dps

I will let you guess how much life I have!
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