Diablo® III

Post your level and DPS

Lvl: 31

DPS: 734.3 w/ Magic Weapon and Glass Cannon

Haven't hit the AH at all yet, was too busy upgrading everything. Seeing as I'm done now until I get various pages for upgrading, I think I'm gonna hit the AH later tonight or tomorrow and up those numbers a bit.
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lvl 34, 818 damage with magic weapon...also 3.2 k HP...just beginning of act I on NM, champions and anything higher gives me trouble
lvl 46 - 1.5k dps 8.5k hp no dmg buffs. i dont use em atm.
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90 Troll Warlock
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Level 55. 11819 with Magic Weapon / Sparkflint

Edit: 18166 HP
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Lvl 44
2.7k with buff.
so is your dos affected by intelligence more? or should i just get items that give like 4-6 dmg..does the dps mean for all spells? help please
At level 50 now with 3.3k
No glass cannon
Magic weap with rune buff

A lot of people have huge range differences lol
Level 55. 11819 with Magic Weapon / Sparkflint

Edit: 18166 HP

Give meh your gearrrrr
Level 7

14 DPS
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After some tweaks (minor), I've gone from 450 to 600...how someone has 11819 dps is beyond me. WAY beyond me.
Lvl 51 3.2k dps 12k hp.
How do you guys have 5-9k dps at this level?
I'm using both magic weapon and glass cannon but still can't reach more than 3.2k
I use a 2h weapon with 248 dps (socketed with a radiant ruby). Also using 2 rings both with 5-10 dmg on them. Socketing gear with vit and int.
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Yeesh! How do you people get so lucky with gear? EVERY drop I get is DH or Barb loot. :(

I have the worst luck.

726 DPS... Level 40... Act 3 of Nightmare.
Level 44 --- 1.1k DPS w/ Buff

Guys gotta slow down on the AH. Perfect gear at level 30 don't mean much when there's Nightmare/Hell/Inferno on the horizon.
I'm at level 35, and I've got roughly around 400 DPS. Looked on the AH, but people were asking 50,000g for some items. I only made roughly 120,000g from my normal difficulty playthrough.
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Actually can people post their vit as well? 1000 lvl 34 btw.
I have around 383 vitality.
86 Goblin Shaman
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Level 51, just starting hell. I'm at 6894, that's with magic weapon and glass cannon. Sitting at ~17.8k health.


I've seen a few pointers to get DPS up, so I'm going to chime in a few as well.

  • Jewelery. Amulets\Rings. Don't get damage and int. Get damage and increased attack speed. There's magic items, called Keen XXX of Wounding at lower levels, and Raiding XXX of Agony at higher levels. Just search the AH for magic rings\amulets, and choose "attack speed" from the filter. You'll find them. Expect to pay a decent amount. The way items scale, I have yet to find a better ring\amulet. Someone please prove me wrong.
  • Nothing but a ruby in your weapon.
  • Try to get gloves with increased attack speed as well.
  • Glass cannon\magic weapon increase damage by a bunch. Duh.
  • Use the AH. Don't rely on what you find. If you don't use the AH, you are severely gimping yourself, unless you're incredibly lucky. The best items cost a lot, but decent gear is cheap. I just search for rares in my level range, with int and vitality. Sockets are nice too.
  • Nothing but a ruby in your weapon.
  • This can get expensive, but try to keep your weapon up to date, with the highest damage possible on it. I'm pretty sure today I bought 3 different wands while leveling from 44 - 51, spending well over 200k on them. Excessive, yes. But good damage.
  • I hope this helps. This is all I have for now, it's late, and I'm tired.
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    (need some tips if at all possible)

    Right now I just started hell and am level 52, I only seem to have 2450 damage and only 8k hp, a lot of my gear has attack speed, or damage, or int on it (lack of vitality sadly) but I am seeing people with almost double my damage here, any tips would help out :)
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    level 55 10k dps with magic weapon, no sparkflint

    for the guy above, you can also put in emeralds in your weapon for crit damage if you're building around crit chance. i get more dps with a square emerald on my weapon than a square ruby.
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    Lvl 51, 1.7k. Wow my gear is crappy...
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