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Barb tank build for NM/Hell Co-op

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Played through normal with a 4man party and no mob could touch me, revenge would easily keep me alive. Now that I'm on NM mode, looking funny at a three blue pack means I die. What builds are you guys using to barb tank?
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War cry, threatening shout, ignore pain, ground stomp, rend with restore life.

Use them.
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I'm currently using this in Hell. Level 52 at the moment. I went through Nightmare with this.

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I know alot of people like the leap skill with the armor rune...but for me in Co op i use ground stomp with the rune that increases the radius and pulls them towards me. I just seem to be better taking 0 dmg rather than 80% less dmg. Just my 2 cents. Also 35 barb NM with a duo DH 35 have not died yet and I'm way to tanky.
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I am currently 42 in nm act 3 and I can pretty much fill my entire screen with mobs and just spam 1-2-3-4 and never die.


The problem I have with stomp is that it prevents you from triggering revenge(as stunned mobs aren't hitting you), what you want is not to avoid hits but to make them very weak so that revenge spam = godmode
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I'm also currently not dying but I'm also in Co op and the stun helps when your trying to keep things off your friend
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This is a AOE Tanking build. Not meant for bosses.
Take in mind I'm a lvl 42 and currently on act 3 NM


Think of this spec as a Blood DK, or a Prot Pally spec from wow.
Revenge with the right amount of mobs can heal you big time! On top of that you get additional ticks from your Rend. and I also have Inspiring Presence which will tick around 150-200.
You will have so much self healing its stupid. I also put in some medigation into this build with ignore pain. I like to use cleave because with rend up it will generate a lot of fury.
When pulling a group of mobs, I always prioritize Revenge over anything else. So with that said I start out with: Cleave>Rend>(Revenge if it procs)> Cleave>Cleave>Rend refresh.
Always have Battle Cry up the tick is 100-200 and increases your health.

For elites with adds I will Cleave>Rend>Earthquake>Cleave>Rend *Revenge if procs.

Using this technique I never die. I mean.. Never!
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