So I just had an amusing experience with my witch doctor.

We're doing Azmodan with me(WD), another WD, and a Barb.

So we get Azmo down to where he starts filling up the place with that oily substance on the ground that does damage to you?

My group is low on health and running away so I try to get in some final poison darts before moving back when I realize... my HP is standing steady. Going up actually now. So I just sit there and dps him to death.

I know there are a lot of complaints about the witch doctor but I think it's just not a traditional sort of class and that a lot of new and interesting combos and synergies will develop.

For this I went with the passive "Blood Ritual" and "Pierce the Veil" because I don't use high mana damage skills. Mainly Poison Darts and Fire Bomb.

I stacked mainly Vit and Int with other good items found along the way and am happy with the flow of the gameplay.

With a previous build today I hit 900+ damage in the attributes screen with a 2-handed crossbow, Soul Harvest, and Gruesome Feast. Plenty of little spiders leading up to that spider queen to get off those 5-stack Harvests.

I'm seeing a lot of Dire Bat builds so I just thought I'd share something different.
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