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Possible whirlwind bug

My unbuffed damage rating is over 1600, and I roll with 15% damage from a passive skill and 30% damage from a shout.

My bash skill, which deals 150% weapon damage, does around 2500 non-crit most of the time.

My whirlwind skill, which deals 110% weapon damage, does around 400 non-crit most of the time.

Now, I'm not math professor, but that doesn't add up. Something is wrong with this skill. It is not functioning correctly.
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Choosing to bump this week old thread instead of start my own. I can verify this, I was coming to the forums to report this bug after noticing it. I have approximately 2800 dps with battle cry up and my weapon is approximately 1 attack per second. Frenzy and whirlwind are my left and right clicks, and both hit for 110% weapon damage, as per the tooltip. 110% weapon damage with 2800 dmg hits, after monster armor, should be around 2k dmg give or take - and thats about the average of what I see on my frenzy hits (1500 to 2300 dmg). However, every time I use my whirlwind, whether it be on a single monster (which is how I noticed this bug) or on a pack of monsters, each enemy hit only takes between 500 to 800 damage per hit.

Clearly, something is VERY wrong here. For reference, I am using whirlwind with the heal-on-crit rune, but I believe the low damage is reflected in other runes.

More feedback and information from others would be invaluable - whirlwind is useless in this state, and this explains my many deaths in fights I felt sure to win (2k dps on each mob is a whole lot more than 600 dps, especially when you rely on highly stacked lifesteal like I do at the moment)
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Whirlwind attacks faster than your normal swing, so every little damage counter you see come up is ONE ATTACK of whirlwind.

Whirlwind attacks 3 Times in the amount if time it would normally take to swing your weapon (i.e. if your weapon attack speed is 1 attack/sec, whirlwind hits 3 times/second)

Each attack of whirlwind does ~36% (36.666% to be more exact) of your weapon damage. Ergo, 3 attacks of Whirlwind does a total of 36% + 36% + 36% of weapon damage in the time it takes you to normally swing once, therefore giving you a grand total of 110% weapon damage.

How can you not notice your whirlwind is hitting more often than your normal swing? I mean serious, the numbers pop out of the enemies like rapid fire.

It's like saying you hit one enemy 300 times in 1 second, each for 1 damage, and saying that does less damage than hitting one enemy once in 1 second for 300 damage. It's the same.
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